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Hail Type Impact Test For Solar Power Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-26 18:33:44
This test is to determine whether the solar power batteries module will be damaged due to the impact of hail, hail in Japan because of very little, the need to test the face of this situation can be considered according to the body of the body to allow ice hockey or ball from a certain height drop to the sun. The four corners or edges of the cell, the edge of the cell, especially the area around the electrode, the gap between the unit cell and the cell, and so on are easily affected by the hail. The test conditions of the ice hockey were as follows: the diameter of the ice hock was 25 mm, and the final speed of the ice hock was 22 m/s, and the speed of the hockey ball was measured by an optoelectronic device using an air gun driven by a pneumatic spring. The use of solar power batteries in hail-pool areas is a consideration of this test.

Pressure - stress test

This test is to study the reliability of the positive or negative pressure cycle change caused by wind, snow, hail, etc. The twist test, because after the installation of solar modules fixed by external forces, such as wind,pressure and other deformation, distortion test is to study the solar battery components can withstand much deformation, the solar cell module at the three fixed, the other end of its position ± 20mm/ mch repeated several times. Twist test schematic. Insulation test, the The test is to set the solar battery and component peripheral devices for the purpose of reliability test between the reliability of the components plus 1000v DC voltage and maintain 1 minute, the test source current is below 1mA, at this time with special attention to the arc , Flashing (discharge along the insulator surface or direct discharge, etc.) phenomenon.
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Light irradiation test

This test is to test the reliability of solar cell components on the sun (especially ultraviolet), the United States Department of Energy Solar Energy Research Institute summary of the test conditions are based on the identification of UV light intensity to determine.

Outdoor exposure test

In this test, the solar power generator modules were placed outdoors in the same conditions as in the normal service conditions, and the characteristics of the solar cell modules were measured at regular intervals, and the environmental impact during actual use was examined. In addition, various reliability tests To compare with the outdoor exposure test, determine the acceleration factor, so this is an important reliability experiment.
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Accelerated exposure test

The outdoor exposure test described above is the best way to detect life expectancy, but it is time consuming, so it is necessary to accelerate the exposure outside the human eye so that in order to estimate their life span in a short time, The purpose of the test was to simulate the rain condition by irradiating the solar battery for solar power generator module with a carbon arc or a xenon lamp as a simulation light of a large sunlight at regular intervals and to study the change of its characteristics. Called weather resistance tester.

Hot spot aging test

When a part of the solar cell module is partially shielded, the unit cell which is covered with the solar power battery module sometimes generates a hot spot due to the crack or the stripping of the antireflective film. This test is to confirm whether the solar cell module has sufficient durability to prevent such heat (45-49 ° C), and then the incident light is intermittently applied to a portion of the solar cell module, and the test is conducted for a period of time , For example, about 100 hours.This method has recently been included in the reliability test project.

Other reliability tests

In addition to the above tests, there are salt fog tests and the like, which are necessary for solar industrial batteries used at sea (lighthouses, etc.), and the above-described typical wall-resistance test methods are described above, For the use of the bell for the reliability test.

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