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Grid-level Cell Is Safer Than Lithium Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 17:27:50

Wind and portable solar power generation has always been a double-digit rate of growth. But the sun goes down, the wind is changing. While the annual wind power plants in the expansion, but also because of advances in solar cell materials such as perovskite become more and more efficient, but this type of renewable energy, but only 5% of global electricity to meet the demand for less. In many parts of the world, because of the lack of affordable and high-stability technology to store excess electricity generated when the most ideal conditions and when electricity demand delivery of these electricity to the grid, renewable solar powered portable generator technology only in a few specific areas Play a role.

solar power portable generator

Performance is more excellent  lifepo4 48V can solve this problem, they can make zero-emission renewable energy at a faster pace, reliable power to the easier way to bring the world's 1.2 billion people live in darkness. In the past few years, people invented a new type of lifePo4 battery, their capacity is sufficient for the entire plant, towns and even remote villages connected to power supply "mini-grid." This battery is sodium, aluminum or zinc manufacture.

These lifePo4 batteries don't use old-fashioned lead-acid batteries used in heavy metals and corrosive chemicals, compared with the current advanced electronic devices and electric vehicles using lithium batteries, they are more affordable, more suitable for mass production and more secure. These next-generation technology is more adapted to provide support for dependent solar or wind solar powered portable generator system. The system will use this company's zinc-air batteries to store up to 250 megawatts of energy, in order to achieve stable power supply from weather purposes. In April this year, the company and the government of Madagascar signed a similar agreement, they will be Madagascar 100 remote villages to install solar mini-grid based on zinc-air batteries.
Portable Solar Power Generator System
For those who have not take the grid, it was no electricity because they do not work at night, there is no way to obtain information on the Internet, and no power to help them wash their clothes or irrigate crops. A combination of renewable solar powered portable generator and grid-level cell for them is completely revolutionary, is an antidote to get rid of poverty. In addition, better lifePo4 battery performance for rich countries, there are numerous benefits, because they are also facing a daunting goal: In the next few decades so that most power plants to eliminate carbon emissions and at the same time continue to meet growth in demand for electricity.

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