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Get Best Soalr Cell For Portable Solar Power Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:28:20
When we buy a solar cell for portable solar power generator, the focus is proportional to the area of solar power cells, in general, solar panel power with solar wafers concern.

In general, solar panel power is the bigger the better it, so that the current in the sun to produce large, built-in battery can be quickly filled. But in reality, the need for solar panels and solar power portable charger in to find a balance. Solar power charger is generally considered the minimum of not less than 0.75w, secondary power solar panel under the standard light there is 140mA of current. In general, the current generated by the sun is about 100mA, if less than the second power charge current is too small, basically there will be no significant effect.
solar power generator for home
We have other energy losses. Electrons must flow from one side of the battery through an external circuit. We can plating a layer of metal on the bottom of the battery, in order to ensure good electrical conductivity. But if we top the battery like lifepo4 is fully metallized, the photon will not pass through the opaque conductor, which would lose all current (in some batteries, only on the surface, but not all positions using a transparent conductor). If we only provided on both sides of the battery contacts, you need to go through electronic long distance (for electronic terms) to reach the contact points. You know, silicon is a semiconductor, it transmits current performance is not as good as metal. Its internal resistance (called series resistance) is quite high, and the high resistance means high losses. To minimize these losses, the battery is coated with a metal catenary, it can shorten the distance electrons move, while covering only a small portion of the cell surface. Even so, some photons will be blocked grid, the grid can not be too small, or its own resistance will be too high.

Prior to the actual use of the battery, but also perform several other steps. Silicon is a shiny material, which means that it is a good reflection properties. The reflected photons battery can not be used. For this reason, the use of anti-reflective coating on top of the battery, the reflection loss can be reduced to 5% or less. The final step is to install a glass cover for the battery and separate elements to protect the battery which is most important for solar powered portable generator. PV module consists of multiple batteries (usually 36) connected in series and parallel connection, in order to provide a usable voltage and current levels, these batteries in a sturdy frame, rear, respectively drawn positive and negative terminals, and with a glass lid plate sealed.

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