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Future Solar Power Batteries Systems

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-28 15:32:04
Hybrid solar cells

Solar power batteries and solar collectors made of a hybrid, the conversion efficiency of about 60%, from the use of heat energy and energy use point of view is very important, especially if the temperature is still resistant to the amorphous Gui solar cell to do so , Would be ideal.

Solar battery power generation

The amount of solar energy on the ground is 1KW/m2 on a sunny day, which is relatively small. In Japan, the total power required for 1980 is about 60 million kw. According to the average daily sunshine volume in Japan, if the conversion efficiency is 10% and the solar power generator system loss is 30%, all of the solar cells supply about 540 km2 of area, which is equivalent to the area of Shikoku Island in Japan Japan is not a big land, but it is not a small area, some people worry that Japan does not have so much land.However, Japan has a unique place that the use of the ocean, which is a good way, because Japan The sea, as well as the inland sea (ie Seto Inland Sea), so that equipped with solar battery raft floating in the sea.
on grid solar power generation system
Cosmic Power Generation Plan

On the ground no matter how, due to circadian, weather and other reasons, the amount of sunshine is always changing.Therefore, people plan to bring solar cells to the universe for large-scale desert solar power generator, the United States developed a so-called satellite solar power generation plan SSPS, with space The cosmic liaison ship sends thousands of megawatts of solar power battery to the universe and sends electricity back to the ground through microwaves, a magnificent ideal for mankind.

In order to describe the working state of the battery, often the battery and load system with an equivalent circuit to simulate. In a constant light, a working state of the solar cell, the photocurrent does not work with the state changes in the equivalent circuit can be seen as a constant current source. A portion of the photocurrent flows through the load, establishing a voltage V across the load, so that an equivalent circuit of the ideal solar cell is drawn. However, due to the front and back electrode contact, and the material itself has a certain resistivity, base and the top layer are inevitably to introduce additional resistance. The current flowing through the load, through them, will inevitably lead to wear and tear. In the equivalent circuit, their total effect can be expressed as a series resistance. A part of the load current should be short-circuited due to the leakage of the battery edge and the metal bridge leakage caused by the microcracks, scratches, etc. The solar power batteries when the metallized electrode is made. The magnitude of this effect can be expressed by a parallel resistance R effect. Its equivalent circuit is drawn.

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