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Future Renewable Energy Systems: Energy Storage Power Systems

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-22 16:30:49
This world, the only constant is the change itself. The future of energy in the green, traditional energy sources have to transition to renewable energy, and this transition is happening. To change the point of view, the development of energy storage batteries without delay.Renewable energy system is a major feature of distributed, a change is now point-type large-scale energy supply system, which for the new energy storage power system provides room for development.
portable solar power generator
Specifically, an office building, an agricultural greenhouses, or even a residential, can become the production of energy. For example, an office building, the roof covered with solar PV modules, fitted with fans, the formation of one scenery, then the internal sewage collection, through the formation of sewage potential of solar power generator, this building will be able to achieve self-supply of electricity ; A variety of processing enterprises can also use waste to form biomass power generation to achieve power supply, and so on.

All of these production points are connected to the surface, the entire surface structure of the renewable energy system will have a strong power supply capacity.However, such a surface of the renewable energy supply system has a drawback, the greater volatility, which need to develop energy storage system to be added. Combined with the characteristics of renewable energy system distributed, from an economic point of view, the future of distributed energy storage system will have great development in portable solar power generator.
home battery storage system
With the development of distributed energy, distributed energy storage system for home can be fully integrated with it. For example, a house, the roof can be solar power, the walls and floors of the house can be embedded in energy storage equipment. So that each of our geographical unit, a city as large as one to a community, a building, a room, can be both energy production systems like portable solar power generator, energy storage system, but also the consumer system. The combination of information interconnection and infrastructural interconnection to integrate these arbitrary energies together constitutes a future energy production and consumption paradigm that is completely different from the present.

And this model and our post-industrial development is fully consistent.

In the post-industrial era, our lifestyles tend to be individualized and can live in remote rural areas, islands, hills, and even forests. As a result, our demand for energy tends to be personalized, so distributed energy production, consumption and Energy storage system is the trend. But pumped storage, high-temperature lava, etc. are still available alternative energy storage methods.Of course, to enter the post-industrial era, also need more technical innovation, mainly two aspects: energy materials innovation and energy information management system innovation.
solar storage battery system for home
Innovation in energy materials, I understand that now the solar panels, is not made of silicon, but based on thin-film technology, the formation of plastic technology, which is a leap-forward technological progress. The future to improve energy efficiency, more is to rely on material improvements, lighter, thinner, lower cost, higher energy conversion efficiency of the material appears, is the basis of the development of distributed solar energy storage system.

Energy information management system innovation, mainly embodies the smart grid. Geographical units of any size are not enough to become energy production, consumption and solar energy storage system. They also need energy interconnection among these geographic units. The energy production, storage, consumption and so on are connected by information interconnection and Internet of things. , Constitute the whole region, large to national and even global energy interconnection system, which is the smart grid. And this is a technological breakthrough to protect our future freedom of life is a key.

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