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Function of Solar Energy Battery and How to Choose

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-11 11:07:53

The function of solar energy battery

The role of the solar energy battery module is to convert solar energy into electrical energy supplied to the load of work or to the lifePo4 battery pack; the role of the controller is a battery charge and discharge protection; lifePo4 battery for storing electrical energy; the role of the inverter is DC converted into alternating current. At night or rainy days, when the solar cell does not work, powered by a solar energy battery storage to the work load.

solar power storage battery
Solar energy battery work can be divided into two recycling and the use of float. Often in frequent charging and discharging state, that is recycled; often in a state of charge of the float was used to make up for the loss of battery capacity due to self-discharge caused. PV system with VRLA batteries are recycled in a manner.

Composed of photovoltaic systems, photovoltaic off-grid system is the use of the principle of the photoelectric effect to convert solar energy to electrical solar power generator system, usually consisting of solar modules, controller,  storage battery, DC / AC inverter and other components.

LD4840B Household energy storage battery

How to choose solar energy battery

1, Selection on demand: according to their needs, and to calculate the amount of solar storage battery capacity needed.

2, Selection: For security principles, you should choose a certain brand of solar energy battery storage manufacturers, choose a good technology and services sales agents.

3, Cost-effective choice: Depending on the quality of products, some battery life is only 2 years, some battery life of up to 10 years, comparing the user to select the most suitable storage battery.

4, The solar storage battery capacity calculation: the battery capacity must be based on a predetermined voltage, the predetermined time can be provided to the load capacity. Batteries with deep discharge function, the unit of measurement of electricity generally ampere-hour (Ah), which indicates the unit of time (usually 20 hours) can provide a current value - (20 hours) rate capacity.

5, How to determine the capacity of the best lifepo4 battery pack for solar power storage based on the use of lighting, the simplest way is to charge each battery power multiplied by time interval between. The outcome of the measurement of watt, except when the tile at their rated voltage, it is possible to convert a time when security watts. In this case selection, solar storage battery power will be exhausted, and over the general state of discharge of the battery is 50%, it should be taken into account to choose the battery. Battery capacity (Ah) larger power supply capacity, the stronger, the less likely the battery from over discharge.
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