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Fun Applications Of Small Solar Power Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-09 07:54:35
Tody solar power battery is one of samll portable solar power generator.The following is different soalr power devices,harmony between man and nature, but also make people come to realize the value of the use of abundant natural resources, they not only ease the energy crisis, in part, to meet people's living needs. In this one, solar energy generator will be an environmentally friendly and convenient features, it has attracted many designers around the property for the relevant product design.

Solar Butterfly Laundry Folder

The racks have the general shape of a butterfly, but it's much more than creativity, the clip-covered solar panels absorb solar energy during the day to dry clothes, night lighting function can be achieved by led lights, a multi-purpose , it is convenient.

Can let the cat play non-stop solar toys
This is less than a lifePo4 battery but let cats kept playing toys really interesting friends, directly adsorbed on the glass window, you can make use of solar energy generator funny cat stick back and forth, this time the cat slave can finally hands free, nice rest ~

Light slit clock

The shape of the clock is very simple, the simple beauty to the extreme. When in use, you need to hang on the windows, the back of the solar power battery will absorb sunlight, partial conversion to drive the rotation of the dial energy, spare part store.

Solar charging on the plane window

If such a device in the airplane window design, make full use of solar power generator in order to meet the needs of passengers, presumably will be more sought-after position of the window bars.

Sunflower Solar Lunchbox

The lunch box with a sunflower petals not only beautiful, but also very practical. The above four petals can capture solar power, so as to be stored in boxes in the internal lifePo4 batteries, when you want to eat to press the button on the boxes, so you can easily heated lunch, eat hot food anywhere friends.

Solar Camera Strap

Out of play, only to find the camera's lifePo4 batteries are full enough to forget, in addition to emergency battery can buy a better way? Designers brought this good idea.

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