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Fully Electronically Protected Preheating DC Lamp

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-29 17:41:13
Full electronic protection preheating DC lamp is a filament preheating circuit, the use of low-voltage inverter circuit starting, the lamp current control, and has input anti-reverse, the output open-circuit protection of a new, high efficiency DC lamps, Its main features are as follows.We use solar powered portable generator as backup power for  DC Lamp.

The filament preheating circuit is constructed with fewer components. During the warm-up period, Q1 conduction preheat relay J action, about 1-3s (determined by the R1C1 delay circuit), Q1 cut off, the lamp starts, the entire bright time, the relay is not working, Effectively reducing the circuit's own losses. In the working circuit of the lamp in series into the potentiometer R3, adjustable lamp current, brightness control, the circuit can be suitable for inserting a variety of 11V power lamp, the input power and lamp power to match to extend Lamp life.

solar power generator

In order to prevent the power-on instantaneous preheating relay has not yet sucked before the inverter circuit to work, resulting in instantaneous cold start (lamp flash that is off, then preheat, starting), can be increased Q2 to resist the supply voltage fluctuations Adverse effects. The use of flame-retardant ABS lamp housing, stainless steel mesh shield structure, which can effectively overcome the plastic and plexiglass shards fragile, aging deterioration of the defects after the transparency. Especially the use of stainless steel mesh shroud structure, effectively overcome the poor thermal performance, power devices easy to burn defects, after all, the design of DC lighting design innovation. This is a DC-powered semi-working lamps.The technical requirements of DC lighting.

Startup characteristics

The DC lighting fixture shall be capable of being started normally at the specified or stated minimum starting temperature, 90% of the rated voltage, 10 s and shall be maintained at 0℃. The test shall be carried out at an ambient temperature of 25 ± 2℃. DC lighting should be able to -25 ℃, 90% of the rated voltage, 10s normal start, and maintain the ignition. The start-up test shall be carried out before the aging test.This led to a wide range of energy-saving DC led lights, we camping, wild adventure lights can take, you can directly use the portable solar power generator to charge, very convenient.

Initial photoelectric parameter Rated power
  • At the rated voltage, the difference between the initial power and the rated power does not exceed (105% ± 0.5) W.
  • Initial total luminous flux and luminous efficiency
  • In the rated voltage, the DC luminous flux of the total luminous flux should not be less than 200Lm.
  • In the rated voltage, DC lighting luminous efficiency of light should not be less than 10Lm/W.
  • In the rated voltage of 90% -120%, the DC lighting luminous efficiency should not be less than 90% of its rated luminous efficiency.
Initial color characteristics
  • The chromaticity coordinate of the lamp shall be within the target range of the specified chromaticity diagram, and in any case the Chromaticity tolerance shall not be more than 6 from the target value.
  • The general color rendering index of the lamp shall not be less than 80% of the initial value.
  • The relevant color temperature of the lamp should not be greater than 4500K
Light output maintaining rate
  • Luminous flux maintenance rate of light in 2000h, the luminous flux maintenance rate should be greater than or equal to 80%.
  • Light efficiency to maintain the rate of light in the ignition 2000h, the luminous efficiency rate should be greater than or equal to 80%.

portable solar power generator

Average life

The average life of a DC lighting fixture [50% of the life of the lamp failure) shall not be less than 3000h,

Reliability (switch) test

The switching frequency of DC lighting shall not be less than 6000 times.

working frequency

The minimum switching frequency of the electronic ballast in the lamp is 20kHz. This test is only applicable to semi-industrial lighting fixtures.

Lamp operating current waveform

At the rated power supply voltage, the ballast and lamp work, when the lamp reaches a stable working state, the lamp current waveform should meet the following requirements.The envelope of the lamp current must not differ by more than 4% in each successive half cycle while the supply voltage passes through the zero phase.The maximum ratio of peak to square root of the lamp current shall not exceed 1.7. This test is only applicable to semi-industrial lighting fixtures.

Power consumption

Lamps in the open or reverse when the power consumption should not exceed 20% of normal work. For the nominal power of less than 1.7 low-power lamps, the abnormal power consumption should not exceed 1.6V.
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