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Fuel Cell VS Lithium Battery Which is Best New Energy For Vehicles

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-22 13:57:56
New energy materials used in lifePo4 batteries research of new products in recent years has been significantly accelerated, which is accelerating the upgrading of the electric car has a frequency directly. On the current application of several new energy battery for solar power portable generator, the fuel cells and lithium batteries are new energy automotive design process, most often choose two new batteries, then these two new energy battery which is more suitable for energy vehicles.

The Fuel Cell

Advantages and disadvantages of the fuel cell. As the name suggests, this new energy battery is the best storage battery for portable solar power generator, will be present in the fuel and oxidizer in the chemical energy directly into electricity. When you need power, fuel and air are fed fuel cell, electricity is wonderfully produced. In appearance it has positive and negative electrodes and electrolytes, like the lifePo4 batteries, but in fact it can not "reserve power" but a "power plant." The car is expected to be used most proton exchange membrane fuel cell.

Describes the operating characteristics of the fuel cell can be seen, because the fuel cell directly into the chemical energy of a fuel into electricity without intermediate combustion process, thus unrestricted Carnot cycle. Currently the fuel cell system fuel - energy conversion efficiency of 45% to 60%, while thermal power and nuclear power efficiency of about 30% to 40%. But this battery also has two significant disadvantages: energy conversion technology update is not timely, slow energy conversion efficiency.
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Lithium Battery

Lithium battery in the new energy automotive applications are the shortcomings of it. Because the traditional lead-acid battery has become increasingly unable to meet the application needs of electric vehicles and portable solar power generator, therefore, more and more car manufacturers to choose energy lithium batteries as new storage battery for cars. In the application process, the lithium battery has the following advantages: high voltage (nickel-cadmium batteries hydrogen - nickel batteries 3 times); greater than the energy (up to 165WH / kg, nickel-hydrogen batteries 3 times); small size, light weight, long cycle life; low self-discharge; no memory effect; no pollution.

When lithium batteries are applied to the new energy vehicles, the main drawback is the safety off, however, and vehicle power management system consists of certain defects. On safety performance, since the lithium-ion battery with energy density, high working temperature, poor working conditions and other aspects, plus the people-centered security concept, so users of battery safety made very high demands. In the vehicle power battery management system, since the vehicle power battery voltage is 12V or 24V, while a single lithium-ion battery voltage is 3.7V, and therefore must be made by a plurality of cells in series to increase the voltage, but the solar power portable generator batteries are difficult be completely homogeneous charge and discharge, thereby resulting in a plurality of individual battery cells in series within the charge and discharge occur imbalance, the lifePo4 batteries will be insufficiently charged and over-discharge phenomenon, and this situation will lead to a sharp deterioration in battery performance , eventually leading to the entire group of cells does not work.
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New energy materials research and development in the field of application of the battery for solar power portable generator, the lithium batteries and fuel cells have their own advantages in the actual use of new energy vehicles have unique characteristics. And the current trend of product development of electric vehicles, the use of lithium batteries more frequent and extensive, also more vulnerable to manufacturers and users of all ages.
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