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Four Tips Maintenance For Electric Vehicle LifePo4 Batteris

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-22 11:06:26
Some owners say their new energy vehicles lifePo4 batteris isn't durable, because of the high frequency of use of the air conditioning problem? In fact, in addition to a long time, lifePo4 battery; not properly maintained electric vehicle batteries, battery power is not enough durable culprit?

Then the electric car battery how to maintain it? Here we will introduce the recipe tips for your car battery escort.
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Installation Time and Maintenance

The lifePo4 batteris in an electric vehicle, be sure to pay attention to confide stable release, do not crash, don't easily lead to a release position is not docked, so in the process of moving the lifePo4 battery will suffer great shock, causing damage not only the battery so, many people used the car battery charger into the basket, so that no electricity charge at any time, such an approach is wrong, will cause harm to fast charge, preferably at night full eight hours to ensure adequate its electricity.

Maintenance Charging

LifePo4 battery charging time when we must pay attention, don't charge for two days, otherwise it will form overcharging, so the battery heat. Overcharging, over discharging and charging will shorten battery life shortage. Generally the average battery charging time of about 10 hours. Such as battery charging process temperature exceeds 65℃, should stop charging.Now on the market only few portale solar power generatr storage battery is lifePo4 battery. To ensure as much as possible the number of charges which not too much. Electric vehicle batteries have some understanding of people know, the more the number of red cells, which means the shorter the life, the average number of times a battery charge in about three hundred times, which is about two years time, if you frequently charged, then it will soon run out, and naturally in less than two years.

The Process of Moving Maintenance

Less brakes: frequent braking will consume large amounts of electricity, I heard that also damage the lifePo4 batteris, so the best little brakes. Kept in uniform driving the process, do not ride a motorcycle electric Juji speed, so large not only damage the battery, electric vehicle itself, the damage is large.

Below 50 percent of the charge: thirty percent is the lowest bottom line, a fifty percent is just the bottom line. In the course of the car, if you find the lifePo4 battery is below fifty percent, then the best immediately charged, then do not wait until after a single recharge, that often lead to excessive discharge, and will harm the battery and reduce battery life. Extend battery life, in addition to pay attention to the installation, use and maintenance process, there is a good method is to choose a good brand of electric vehicle batteries.
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A Parked Maintenance

Prohibited prolonged exposure to sunlight high temperature conditions may cause the lifePo4 battery to increase the internal pressure of the battery water loss, causing cell activity decreased, accelerated aging plate.But today every could use solar power portable generator for travel and camping,and take it wherever you go.

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