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Foldable Portable Solar Power Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:35:36
Foldable portable solar power generator a way to automatically track the sunlight angle biaxial automatic tracking system to improve solar - electricity conversion. The system is based microcontroller core, the use of solar orbit formula to calculate the azimuth and elevation angle of the sun, and use timing chip stepper motor driver and dual-axis tracking system that allows solar panels to the sun is always perpendicular to the incident light, thereby enhancing the solar energy absorption efficiency.
Portable Solar Power Generator System
The basic principle and structure. By two electric motors and gear respectively constitute the azimuth and elevation angle rotating mechanism rotating mechanism, photoelectric sensors built-in amplifier, square solar panel installation and perpendicular to the plane. With subtle changes in the direction of light, the sensor imbalance, causing the system output signal bias when the output signal reaches a certain magnitude, direction switch circuit starts, the actuator starts to correct, the photoelectric sensor rebalance, namely solar panels use LiFePo4 for storage square plane and the light at a 90 degree angle and stopped, a complete adjustment cycle. This constant adjustment, always run along the path of the sun follow the sun to form a closed loop negative feedback system, the tracking. The system doesn't need to set the reference position, the tracker will never get lost. System with anti-stray light interference and night stop tracking circuit, along with manual control switch for easy debugging. The solar power generator structure shown in FIG.

Cloudy or the sun is blocked by clouds, the light is very weak, very small amount of electricity, will be meaningless tracking, the system will automatically stop tracking. Even horizon somewhere, revealed a relatively bright light, the tracker will not be misled track to achieve the anti-stray light interference. Scattered clouds at sunrise, the automatic tracker immediate response, to find the sun, tracking in place. Evening light disappears, does not have power, the sensor sends a signal to stop circuit starts at night, and turn back to the east, waiting for sunrise the next day, while the elevation angle rotating mechanism rotated to rotate the solar phalanx to the lowest position, to reduce wind resistance. At this point, the solar power generator is in night stop tracking state.

solar powered protable generator

Control solar power generator design framework. Required on the east and west directions of the two solar illumination angle tracking, tracking mode press law designed sun. Microcontroller through the tracking system needs time to judge, compare and extract, and then according to different time-controlled stepper motor to the solar panel angle is changed accordingly, where the time aspect of the selection of a timing chip automatically calculated, and the need to use a stepper motor driver chip to the microcontroller and stepper motor linked.

Control solar powered portable generator design. MCU read timing chip time data by a program designed to determine the way the control signal after the judgment in accordance with the procedure laid down in the operating mode to the motor driver chip to drive the motor transport corresponding action.

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