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Focus Type Solar Collectors

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-21 16:28:24
Used for the high temperature: industry and scientific heat can reach a temperature in the range of 200℃~ 3000℃ its citrate complex junction plate solar collector, the process requires high school; the need to continue to track the sun, so operation convenient than flat-plate collectors, and the price is higher; as with automatic means, then quit this higher.The following is a small solar power generation.

Focus type collectors generally can be divided into two-dimensional and three-dimensional two categories based on the structure and performance of their collector's collector-dimensional focus on one line, so a tubular receivers; while begging dimensional collector is the focus point. Therefore, the receiver uses a small area. Although the two-dimensional structure of the collector is relatively simple, and can run only along one axis (height) to track the sun, or just time tracking, but its light collecting lower than it; and the three-dimensional structure of the collector is more complicated and needed to run simultaneously in both axial directions (height and azimuth) track the sun, but its light was set much higher than that.In remote areas, portable solar power generator are the main source of household electricity, such as some of the pastoralists, the island residents.
Focus Type Solar Collectors
Focus type collectors also y according to the sun's rays after a collector reaches the receiver is divided into a reflective and refractive two categories. Reflective collector is mainly reflected by a mirror to focus the sun's rays to a receiver , while transmissive collector is mainly through two interfaces of different refractive transparent medium to focus the sun's rays onto a receiver - both methods are used in two-dimensional collector can also be used for three-dimensional set of light device.
In general, focusing solar collector consists of the following five basic components:

(1) heat-absorbing body: the incident solar radiation absorbed and converted into heat transfer to the working fluid, but its heat-absorbing body shape with flat-plate collector is different, often with the collector type style changes;
(2) the collector: the incident solar radiation reflected or refracted through focusing on the heat-absorbing body, so as to increase the irradiance absorber accepted and greatly elevated temperature;
(3> insulation: to reduce heat is not in direct solar radiation receiving portion and a mirror on the back of heat loss;
(4) and the working medium flow path: to make the working fluid (mainly liquids, especially higher boiling organic and inorganic sleeve; if the temperature is too high, you need to use liquid metal) can occur in thermal contact with a heat-absorbing body;
(5) support and Framework: In addition to the various parts of the collector is connected into a whole and to support their gravity, but also along an axial or two axial rotation as needed, in order to track the sun.
Focus type collector efficiency: The main advantage of focusing solar collectors with a collector is to enable solar irradiance absorber accepted by tenfold or even a thousandfold increase, which can suck temperature of the hot body of Gao substantial rise to hundreds or even thousands of degrees Celsius.

Focus type optical efficiency of the collector: In the process of receiving solar power generator radiation is absorbed by the body previously identified through optical efficiency of the collector, for example, consider a two-dimensional reflection-type collector and a vacuum glass bone absorber. system formed on the right side of the figure from the incident light, the first irradiated on the mirror, reflected twice through to reach the vacuum tube absorber.

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