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Flexible Solar Mobile Power Supply

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-08 15:57:01
Rolled up like a folding umbrella, open to a solar charging Po, the sun on the home solar power generation system can continue to charge the phone. One of them, like a scroll, slowly unfolds with five shiny blue metallic luster solar power batteries. These thin as onion skin cells in the sun exposure for 6 hours, you can charge for two Apple phones.

In the past we common solar power batteries are mostly crystalline silicon cells, relatively heavy, but also easy to break, and they are using amorphous silicon thin film solar power batteries, the same power, the weight reduced by four-fifths, and the flexibility of the product higher A chip, you can freely curl, fold, even if the ground is not bad on the step. The most cattle is, laboratory tests show that, even against this flexible battery open a shot, burn through a hole, does not affect the use, but damage that small can not generate electricity only.
Best Portable Solar Generator
Is a thin layer of crystal glass panel that can be embedded in devices such as smart phones, watches, tablets and other small and medium screen sizes, and then play the role of solar panels. Under normal circumstances, Wysips showed a completely transparent state, ordinary people do not see this is a solar panel, the use of the process will not affect the user's normal operation, when there is sunlight or artificial light exposure to the phone screen, It will begin to work for the phone to charge by solar powered portable generator.

According to reports, and other free-curling amorphous silicon thin film solar products, thinner, softer: the product includes semiconductor power generation film, stainless steel substrate, a total of 10 layers of packaging film, the thickness is less than 1 mm, a lot of The materials are nanoscale.

Solar Generation System Rechargeable Emergency Camping Solar Power Generator

Solar power batteries technology has not been as rapid as the smart phone itself, so this extra 15% of the electricity can sometimes solve many big problems (if the phone will be placed under the light source to charge, will bring more extra power). And this new technology in theory can help many people go out forget to bring the charger or can not find the power of the phone to use more time. And this miniature solar charging panel to join, you can make the phone a substantial increase in power.

This technology can be applied to many aspects, such as made of energy umbrella, summer, umbrella surface absorption of solar energy, umbrella within the small fan blowing hair; also can be made into outdoor clothing, outdoor package, while charging the roadside; The advantages of a cell sheet is attached to the roof of various shapes, street lamps,or other portable solar power generator ,do not affect the original shape. Amorphous silicon material with low photoelectric conversion efficiency problems, if the use of copper indium gallium selenium material, photoelectric conversion efficiency can be doubled, flexible solar charging Po can do more soft, more compact car inverter circuit, but after Manufacturing technology is foreign monopoly.

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