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Five Protection for Lithium Batteries BMS

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-12 17:57:03
BMS has a lithium battery discharge overcurrent, short circuit protection, overcurrent current 3A, delay 0.2S.

1, Overcurrent and Determination Cancellation Dondition

Smart lithium solar power batteries is charged or discharged state, when the detected current exceeds 3A, after 0.2S delay the test again if still greater than 3A, determined that the overcurrent. At this time the implementation of the protection circuit cut off the discharge protection switch. Unprotect conditions for connecting the charger, the charger connection is detected after releasing overcurrent protection, otherwise intelligent battery has been in a protected state. 
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2, Determined Overcharge and Discharge Conditions

The charging process if the voltage exceeds 4.2V lithium storage battery or the total voltage exceeds 16.8V, it is determined that the battery is in the overcharge state. This storage batteries usually can be used in solar powered portable generator, this time the implementation of the protection circuit cut off the charge protection switch. The overcharge release status for all battery voltage is less than 4V.

3, Determined Overcharge Protection Failure

During charging, if the cell voltage exceeds 4.4V, judged to be abnormal charging protection function, start the secondary protection circuit, three-terminal blown fuse.

4, Undervoltage and Over-discharge Determination Cancellation Condition

Discharge process, when a power-saving core voltage is lower than 2.5V in the battery over-discharge state is determined, then the protection circuit cut off the discharge switch execution to stop the discharge. Disarmament conditions for all cell voltage is greater than 3V.

5,Determined Overtemperature Protection and Release Condition

When the lithium solar storage batteries used for solar power generator voltage temperature exceeds 55 ℃, determine the battery is over-temperature condition. At this time the implementation of the protection circuit switches off the charge and discharge protection. Cancellation condition the battery temperature is below 50 ℃.

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