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First User Profile System With Solar Energy Demonstration In China

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-20 11:24:44
Use the 32 borderless PV modules supplied by Shenzhen to the Electronics Co., the peak power of 2560W. Components are installed on the roof slope, toward the south, tilt angle of 20°. Uses a polycrystalline silicon solar cells, components, dark blue, and the slant of the roof tile laying blue color harmonized. 8 X4 series components using parallel connection, the maximum operating voltage of 140.8V, the maximum operating current 18-20A.

GMF use provided by the Shenzhen Science and Technology UFO Energy 200 deep discharge valve regulated sealed aspiration lifePo4 batteries, the battery altogether preclude the use of monomer composition 54 200AH 108V battery system.

The household photovoltaic systems and core network equipment for the production company AES SMD single-phase inverter system. SMD inverter system for the grid-connected inverter output waveform is a sine wave. It includes a bi-directional inverter and three excellent performance microprocessors, can provide qualified local load power supply and can be used as an online UPS (uninterruptible power supply) work. The inverter system provides information about system resources extensive data acquisition system, including historical data records, the cumulative measurement data records and records of historical events.

The household solar power generation system is mainly supplying Household Electrical Appliances - Part of a residential load, power consumption is about daily PV system power load 7.55kWh. Systems analysis using Shell Solar PV Designer design software for professional PV installed power generation systems and power system analysis, theoretical annual average generating capacity of the system: 3227.3kWh, this PV system actually consists of stand-alone systems and grid operating mode of the system. The following will the system, independent systems and grid-connected system (no battery) compare the performance.
LD1250B LifePo4 Solar storage battery
With respect to the stand-alone PV systems, load probability: under because of the use of electricity in the grid system, it is clear, considering the same cost, the load probability of the system is lower than the stand-alone PV systems. Cost comparison: in consideration of load probability to the same situation, in order to meet the annual average daily 7.55kWh M electricity needs and self-sufficiency in a few days to five days. You need to install stand-alone PV system to meet the actual needs of 3.6kW. Thus, the initial investment for the stand-alone PV systems 226,400.00 yuan RMB, while the initial investment of the system of 161,520.00 yuan RMB. In order to meet the same load demand, the initial investment in the system is an independent system of only 71.34% of the initial investment. Consider 20 years; for life, according to the F surface used economic analysis algorithms that 56 years to replace a lifePo4 battery, replace the battery three times during life. Taking into account the controller and inverters maintenance costs are about 20% of the initial cost. Can be calculated using the independent electricity system costs 5.81 yuan/kWh, much higher than the generation cost of the system.

System Maintenance: In this system, the lifePo4 battery pack is long-term floating state, which will extend the service life of the battery. The charging and discharging of the battery system independent than the present system, so battery maintenance and replacement frequency is higher than the present system.

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