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First Solar Power Diner Post

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-09 11:01:19
Car, sightseeing car ferry there was nothing special, and if these vehicles are "posted" on solar power portable generator film, became a separate power body through sunlight to charge the lifePo4 battery for the car, reduce emissions enhance the environmental factor, it is the magic. Yesterday morning, Hina film Power Group held mobile energy solutions cum strategic cooperation conference in Beijing, a live demonstration of energy is achieved by moving the green upgrade cars.

Film PV is like a black paper, a flexible bendable, light quality, energy efficiency, conversion rate, low-light power is good. Conference site shows the world's first solar power generation dining car, dining car body and roof are "posted" on the film generating components under normal lighting conditions can be made 6 kWh per day, for interior lighting, and refrigerated cabinets, milk machine, frying pan, steamer and other types of electrical power, absolutely zero emissions. Meanwhile, in combination with solar modules, the dining car equipment use a DC power supply solutions to minimize energy consumption.
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Full solar powered tourist car, in everyday light green car lifePo4 batteries can provide power supply of about 2 degrees, to meet the 20 km daily life, you do not need extra charge. Solar-wide electricity consumption RV will greatly facilitate the Friends of the trip, in everyday illumination providing about 2.65 degrees of electricity for the car battery to maintain RV vehicle-mounted battery saturation, always LCD TVs, refrigerators, stereos and other equipment powered by the vehicle, and more avoid frequent launch vehicle and charge the battery for the car, thereby reducing noise, reducing energy consumption, greatly improving the living comfort and environmental factors.

Mobile Energy + "solution cross-border cooperation with other areas for a long time, had the chip implanted in the solar Aston Martin Racing; last April, Tesla tailored thin film solar charging system at present, Hina. is working with a total of six domestic and foreign institutions to develop top automotive design solar car full power, the kind of car will be launched later this year. Not only is the automotive sector, "mobile energy +" will also be leveraging commercial UAV, wearable equipment, electronic products, such as the huge market demand.

Portable solar power generator is a revolution of human energy, power generation using thin film technology provides power anytime, anywhere, to achieve energy everywhere.

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