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First High-temperature Intelligent Light and Heat Commercial System Put into Operation

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-09 16:12:32
Before and after the beginning of winter temperatures plummeted, the demand for commercial steam and hot water has increased rapidly. Recently, the first high-temperature intelligent solar thermal commercial system was put into operation in Wuxi. The system adopts the trough type solar power batteries technology for the first time. The collector automatically rotates and tracks the sunshine and focuses the sunlight into the collector tube to heat the water. . The system is designed with an annual output of 1.3MPa, 190 ℃ high temperature steam, softened water can be heated to 85 ℃ commercial hot water, 1200 tons of hot water supply, to meet the needs of 30 medium-sized hotels, with 100% renewable energy, high parameters , High efficiency, sun tracking, intelligent trading and other five characteristics.
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Trough solar collector system using the nature of this light and heat thanks to the clean energy, greatly reducing the pollution and the user's cost, the system of light and heat conversion efficiency of up to 70%, compared with traditional plate solar heat exchanger equipment About 20%, a substantial increase in primary energy efficiency. Compared with the traditional hot steam, coal-fired boilers and gas-fired boiler hot water, not only reduces the heating costs by 20%, but also saves a lot of manpower costs.

This set of high-temperature intelligent photothermal system developed and put into operation by Wuxi Blue Sky Gas Turbine Thermal Power Company makes the utmost use of clean energy to realize commercial steam and hot water supply. As a company committed to providing integrated integrated energy services to its customers, Wuxi Blue Sky in designing this system, in addition to fully consider the use of renewable energy, but also strengthen the system unattended, production, storage , Automatic sales of automatic features, the user simply do in advance card, you can like a fuel card, bank card, like the card to start automatic water, automatic charge, automatic settlement of the "three automatic" process, and hot water temperature,Flow and other data are passed to the mobile phone APP automatic control, hot water tank to maintain the set temperature and water level all year round.

The abolition of the Renewable Energy Priorities Program would undermine the interests of the wind energy industry, leading to a more severe contraction in the European continent's wind energy industry, which is also inconsistent with the EU plan to lower carbon and increase the proportion of renewable energy in the next decade. He said investors would consider priority plans in their initial investment decisions for new projects and that existing projects could be affected if they were not immune from rule changes. The retroactive change in the EU's renewable energy financing rules has become a source of controversy and investment in wind energy and solar energy in many countries, particularly in Spain. Industry leaders say they will drive economic compensation and balance market access to prevent serious industry contraction if priority programs are terminated.In this countries will more famaily use Solar Backup Generator For Homes .

In recent years, wind power, photovoltaic, hydropower, nuclear power and other clean energy development is relatively fast, and in actual operation, the past two years there is insufficient use of the problem, such as abandoned air, abandoned light, abandoned water phenomenon occurs, Performance is still relatively prominent. In this case, the coal supply and demand a little bit of tension, we can better provide opportunities for the development of clean energy, on the one hand can reduce the consumption of coal to improve the quality of the atmosphere, on the other hand take this opportunity to multiple clean Energy, and improve the structure of our national energy consumption.
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Thermal power plants consider renewable energy to have the lowest operating costs and therefore have the priority of the grid in any event. In addition, they said the elimination of clean energy priority plan will prevent the energy supply exceeds demand, reduce anti-competitive subsidies. The EU's assessment will see the abolition of the priority program as a first step towards creating an equitable competitive environment in the electricity sector. However, renewable energy is more likely to be shut down due to the relative ease with which wind turbines are shut down rather than shut down coal or nuclear power plants. In fact, the end of financial support across Europe has limited the European continent to the pace of renewable energy, leading to investment flows to the rest of the world.

China's first high-temperature intelligent light commercial system successfully put into operation, creating a trough-type solar thermal power in addition to commercial thermal products other than the first of its kind, is a new renewable energy systems, to declare a number of patents. The whole process of the system to achieve the "Internet +" intelligent energy and a cascade of energy use, energy-saving emission reduction effect is remarkable, further interpretation of the association Xin Group "green energy into life" values, but also fully demonstrated the wisdom of the Association Xin Energy in business innovation and technology research and development on the courage and courage.This green energy solar powered portable generator is more fit people use without  pollute.

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