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Find Best SMA Inverter For Solar Powe Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:34:41
As you know as inverter is important part of portable soalr power generator,the oldest of the SMA inverter manufacturer in the world, headquartered in the city of Kassel, Germany, it has been known for technological innovation in the industry. Its shipments, sales and profits over the years remained the world's first throne. Until 2015, its sales name was first picked champion Chinese rival Huawei. Leading US research firm GTM Research's "global photovoltaic inverter and MLPE pattern" The report shows that Huawei's rapid rise in the inverter field, the credit is derived from the strong growth of the Chinese market.

SMA plurality of executives in China claims that the first show of 50kW/60kW string inverter product, is a new product tailored specifically for the Chinese market. solar power portable generator inverter is one of the core equipment of solar photovoltaic power plants, photovoltaic power plant system is regarded as the industry's "heart, it has been on the photovoltaic industry chain to occupy an important position, assume power conversion, and network control, power quality, intelligent achieve the task monitoring, security and other core functions of photovoltaic power plants.
 portable solar power generator
Since 2016, with the changes in the new photovoltaic subsidy policy and local energy policies, photovoltaic power station construction stage gradually produced a new trend, "from west to east, from the distribution-oriented, from extensive to fine," In response to this trend, the PV plant construction suppliers are gradually introduced to the market changes in new technologies and new products of solar power generator.
Technically rich experience, while vowing to stick with Chinese partner of SMA in the possession of, is trying to catch the rhythm of Chinese PV application market. The new SMA Chinese road MeV bands of love 50000 inverter can be flexibly applied to commercial and industrial roofs, fit China is currently in the comprehensive promotion of "photovoltaic pro-poor", by small and medium and low voltage grid distributed power plants. Meanwhile, SMA Chinese MeV bands of love 60,000 inverter can be widely used in large-scale roof by home solar power generator, hilly, agricultural and other complementary light through the high-voltage grid of MW-class medium-sized and distributed ground station, greatly reducing installation and maintenance costs improve user investment income.

To this end, stakeholders SMA Chinese MeV love for interface cable company news interpretation, SMA inverters single product prices, although higher than domestic enterprises, but because of advanced and reliable German technology and product quality, if put to the entire PV system cost diluted, these higher prices is almost negligible, considering pre-service and low cost of operation and maintenance of late, especially the safety risks of the product like solar powered portable generator, SMA has been high-quality domestic customers.

As Evergreen inverter industry, SMA is not satisfied with the rest on its laurels, especially in the leading position by continuously from Huawei, the sun and the Israeli SolarEdge power after the challenge, SMA's attitude and tactics are changing rapidly.

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