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Feasibility Of Solar Energy Storage

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-22 17:34:50
General principles of solar thermal storage is as follows: The sun solar collectors to the collected radiation is converted into heat and heat which the heating medium through the heat exchanger C is sometimes referred to as the heat exchanger) heat transfer to the heat storage device heat storage medium in the heat, while heat storage medium in good condition hot child stored. when needed, namely the use of another God (may also be the same) the heating medium through the heat exchanger to the stored extract fed to the heat load.

During operation, when the heat source (ie solar collector) is higher than the temperature of the thermal load (ie, heat) temperature, the heat storage and heat thermal storage charge; and when the temperature is lower than the temperature of the heat source of the heat load when the heat storage device that is exothermic, or heat can be extracted from the reservoir heat.

General thermal storage process can be divided into sensible heat storage, latent heat storage heat, sensible heat a latent heat of mixing heat storage and reversible chemical reaction heat thermal storage, etc .. Mechanism of these gods heat storage mode is completely clear, and therefore , in principle, solar thermal storage is indeed possible (general principle magic solar storage can be divided into direct and indirect two categories: ① solar energy directly into electricity and stored up in the process, in principle, subject to Kano limit cycles, and thus may have a higher efficiency of solar energy directly into electricity, through the following four main methods.
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Power conversion electron emitting light qe commonly referred to as a photoelectron emission effect or photoelectric effect is the phenomenon of a solid or liquid surface due to the acceptance of electromagnetic radiation emitted electrons. Potential free electron energy levels inside the metal and metal surface at absolute zero base curve, which illustrates the range of electron energy levels inside the metal is more than the highest level of electrons from zero until the Fermi level does not exist. when the energy as photons bombarding the metal surface, at the highest level of electronic absorption of photons and finally equal to or slightly less than the kinetic energy escaping from the surface of the metal where W is the power of prolapse or called work function. The most obvious escape Gao energy of the electron with the incident photon frequency is linear, and the frequency of the photon there is a valve heart value known as the "red limit Further, the escape of light energy electrons Gao independent of intensity, the light intensity can be increased simply means increased number of photons to be absorbed, resulting in the number of electrons emitted per unit of time increases in proportion to the that electric stokes density proportional to light intensity. the third chapter in the case of the tandem solar cell is similar, but also consider the use of metal materials having different work functions in the multilayer structure, or the use of phase with the solar spectrum can have match grade work function metal material.

Photoemission and lifePo4 batteries similar to the battery. It consists of photoelectron emission material emitting King and collector composition, both work at the same low temperature in order to avoid the accumulation of space charge, the distance between the electrodes must be as small as possible and the need to both where space was evacuated due to the photoelectrons emitted from the surface must be toward the sun, it is usually more than made it a particular shape may be to form a first shell surrounding the rod-shaped emitter collector;. the second possibility is so that the collector mirror shell-like shape surrounding the emitter stick, this time by the solar collector to the emitter of the reflection mirror, while the collector and collecting emitted electrons, which can increase the photoelectric conversion efficiency; third possibility surrounded by palisade collector emitter, so that the sun, the light will be through the collector; fourth possibility is the use of magnetic pole to the collector of electronic transmission, two poles can be placed side by side from the transmitter to be into each other at an angle. the above-described four possible forms.

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