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Family Photovoltaic Solar Power Generator For Home

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:39:38
As a photovoltaic solar powered portable generator practitioners, for this general question, you must have the expertise and detailed explanation to users, provide a viable solution.

Photovoltaic solar power generator in the city to promote the family can be said that basically does not work, because the vast majority of urban households don't have the resources available for rooftop photovoltaic solar power generation for home, only suitable for rural towns to promote independent apartment or villa. Relatively speaking, the effective area of the roof of each home is very comfortable even 60 meters, then, the maximum capacity is 60 square meter roof How much? How much electricity can be made every day?

Currently more common household solar power solutions using single crystal silicon and polycrystalline silicon components, common specifications for the 36V 280W, single-block area of about 1.8 square meters. PV square in a different way and the string connection must be at a reasonable angle, select the correct lighting installation orientation, but staggered between each array to a certain distance from each other to avoid sun exposure occurs when stacked cover. Meanwhile, in order to facilitate cleaning and maintenance, to reserve aisle between the PV array. Thus, the 60-square-meter roof is recommended to install a reasonable number of PV modules is 20, the installed capacity of 5.6KW, PV modules with a total area 36 square meters. 

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Solar panels can be made every day how much power? This is mainly determined by the photoelectric conversion efficiency of photovoltaic modules, hours of sunshine and installation elevation and other factors. The so-called photoelectric conversion efficiency of photovoltaic modules, solar power is the ratio of the PV module under standard test conditions and the maximum output power is irradiated on the component. Household solar power generation is 220V AC single-phase or three-phase 380V two different programs and networks to access public grid. If the single-phase 220V grid, alternative power grid inverter series is generally 3KW, 5KW; if the three-phase 380V, alternative power grid inverter series is usually more than 10KW.

An important component of photovoltaic power plants are PV array bracket. Bearing capacity of the roof structure is the main factor in the installation of photovoltaic systems, such as the reach the specifications, it must house reinforcement, in order to ensure safe and reliable house. In addition, the bracket before fixing, must pay attention to maintenance and waterproof roof coatings and other measures. At the same time, housing around obstructions, such as trees, nearby buildings, which will directly affect the effective time of acceptance of PV modules and portable solar power generation efficiency of solar radiation.

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