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Evolution Solar Power Applications

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-21 08:21:17
Collector: To improve the disadvantage of flat-plate collector efficiency and at high latitudes under cold weather conditions can not work properly ashamed of, since the 1970s, has developed a heat pipe type and glass vacuum tube solar collector former. can greatly improve the efficiency of flat plate solar collector, which can continue to work even at temperatures as low as O℃or less. in addition, in the conventional flat-plate collectors, too, a number of improvements and innovation. the general trend is promote common type, type of research and testing to improve, the formation of a booming situation.

As for focusing solar collector, on the one hand in order to overcome the complexity of the system and heliostat tracking device high cost disadvantage, the design and manufacture of various fixed place of uniaxial and biaxial focus type collectors, not only greatly simplifies the solar power generation system and the cancellation of Tingri tracking device, so that significantly reduce the cost, enhance the vitality greatly, especially for the least developed countries, on the other hand toward the side where the large and advanced development, for example, France in the early 1970s in Belgium Pyrenees foothills Austrian Taiwan Lu Jiancheng solar furnaces, the use of thousands of surface reflection rhodium, program control electronic meter majority of machine synchronization tracking Tingri, most Gao temperature at the focal spot of 350CTC above ordinary high tower nine similar buildings.
Portable Solar Generator
Solar heating and cooling: In industrialized countries, a higher standard of living, the living conditions requires more According to statistics, in these countries, total energy consumption is about 1/4 to 1/3 for the building. material heating and cooling and other heating and cooling needs only low temperature heat source, the use of flat-plate collectors capture solar radiation to replace part of the conventional energy - and therefore, the use of solar heating and hot water supply has become the solar energy various thermal fastest growing in scope and application of the most widely used at present, Japan already has several million sets of solar water heaters for family homes; and the United States said this solar houses have been built tens of thousands of households.

At the same time, the use of solar refrigeration also made significant progress. In theory, the use of solar energy solar thermal cooling is the most reasonable one way, because it is the only way to make the supply and demand basically coordinated radians. Soviets Baum (Bayw) in 1955 for the first time made the first solar absorption chillers, ice per day up to 285kg. subsequently, the United States and Japan and other countries around the solar refrigeration have also conducted in-depth study of the system proposed many kinds of design and test programs late 1970s and early to SO's. existing commodity supply market only because of the higher cost, the former P can not compete with conventional energy sources should be thrown refrigeration system.

Solar Dynamic mechanical and thermal power generation: from the late 1950s, to solar radiation for a light-heat conversion powered Sri Lanka hold the Turing machine and heat pumps were carried out theoretical and experimental research prototype trial Subsequently, various prototyping? That have come out not only more efficient, X ashamed temperature is also greatly improved, there are several means of demonstration projects and practical applications.

From the mid-1960s, to serve as solar collectors and heat accumulator solar pond has been studied. In addition it can be used in solar heating and low temperature heating industry and agriculture, there could be a solar power portable generator is very ... kind of hair object of study slipper future based on current economic analysis, the use of solar pool heating costs already competitive with conventional energy sources; and the use of solar cell power generation cost of the hydropower basically similar, obviously cheaper than thermal power and nuclear power.

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