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Environmental Hazards Analysis Of Solar Panels

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-10 11:04:07
Solar panels attract the eye of many characteristics, the most prominent is its environmental benefits. In particular, there are serious environmental problem areas, non-polluting sources of power generation emissions is very important. However, despite its many supporters, portable solar power generator is not completely harmless to the environment. Understand these, support for the rational installation techniques and equipment are essential.

An important measure of the environmental impact of solar panels is the so-called energy payback. It refers to the maximum capacity of solar power generation equipment put into the length of time. 2004 Renewable Energy National Laboratory calculated that the energy payback polycrystalline solar cells in about four years, the energy payback period film battery is three years. With the improvement of production technology and solar cell conversion rate, shorten the cycle will continue. Polymeric solar cells League and the University of California at Berkeley recently published reports that the polymer solar power portable generator system to obtain the best results. In any case, the average user side of the solar power generation equipment have at least 16 years of positive net income.
solar power portable generator
Another important issue is the land of solar panels may be caused by abuse of large-scale solar farm on the ecological system may be affected. According to reports, at least there is a utility power plant because of the level of sea turtles caused by environmental concerns are stopped. To solve this problem is not difficult, because the same commercial and residential buildings to install solar power portable generator equipment.

In addition, the solar panel manufacturing process toxic chemicals may also pose a threat to workers' health, but compared to other industries, this risk is minimal.

Solar power portable generator has some environmental pollution, on how to dispose of the solar cell, is an urgent problem, countries are trying to minimize contamination of the battery.

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