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Energy Unlimited Inventory Of Five Solar Electric Concept Car

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-18 16:01:06
Former richest man Li River Jun 3 July vowed to build a solar car, to enter the automotive circle. Seems a very long way and it would be pulled in reality, there are a variety of sounds, some say this is the real new energy vehicles, no pollution; some say that it is in yourselves, in hype it. we could use solar power portable generator as a backup power when we camping.
solar power car
First take a brief look at the structure and principles of solar car now, mainly solar car series by a certain number of single cells or parallel to form a solar cell array, dynamic core of this solar car; drive system constituted by a motor vehicle and a controller .The only difference is their car, as well as automatic sun (tracking system, its main role is to keep the solar panels facing the sun to maximize solar access can love too light radiation.
solar energy car
In fact, the solar car with extended-range electric vehicle drive similar structure, in particular by solar panels in the Japanese auto tracker control is always facing the sun, receiving sunlight and convert it into electrical energy to power the electric motor, and then by motor-driven cars; a cloudy day or when the power is low, you can plug an external battery charging, solar cell array is quite a range extender.In fact, about the solar car has been simmering for many years, the Chilean electric car will give you about a wide variety of solar car, of course, it is just a concept car.

Koenigsegg Quant

If you have never heard of Koenigsegg, then I believe you will soon know. Swedish supercar company developing solar concept car called the Quant, which utilizes a most unlikely combination of power: solar and pyrite, dubbed fools gold combination energy.
According to the Geneva Motor Show the company spokesman said, this solar concept car full charge takes only 20 minutes, will be able to achieve 300 miles (500 kilometers) Mileage (with ginseng, pictures, RFQ).

Peugeot Shoo
Logo on this brand, we estimate more familiar with the signs of 308,408 vehicles, more traditional low-end feel. But the development of a full solar futuristic concept car called Peugeot Shoo, was full of surprises and Reiki, a source of inspiration for its design sailboat, triangular design, solar roof panels to provide energy for the electric motor drive.

Benz FormulaZero

Substantially the luxury brand's environmental crown title, often give people a surprise, such as Mercedes-Benz cars to bring solar hat, the name of the equation No. 0, 2008 in Los Angeles to participate in the challenges of concept car design, from an aviation efficient angle designed by the drive motor and the battery power constituted.
Lotus EcoElise

Also in 2008, the British Motor Show, Lotus Elise boldly into new areas - green sports car. The EcoElise so special is that the car's electric power system uses solar panels (including iPod and MP3 compatible stereo!)
Solar Volvo

Volvo Cars safety in this frequently on the name, now he can stop now solar car above, in the 2015 Dakar Rally, the car combines solar and fuel cells, and to support its diesel engine. So far, it may become the largest solar concept car!
Solar Volvo
Finally, solar car, and felt human use of inexhaustible energy into an era of true zero pollution! Of course, more and more high conversion efficiency solar power battery storage capacity is also growing, it is no exaggeration to say that there is such a good energy use patterns, who still use oil ah, based on this trend, why fear high oil prices, when no one then, when oil will fall worthless! All this solar power cars we could use portable solar power generator to charge.

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