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Energy Storage Technology Determines The Development of Renewable Energy Industry

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-11 16:18:48
Energy storage technology has a very important influence on the development of renewable energy utilization industry. Power production process is continuous, power generation, transmission, substation, power distribution and electricity must always maintain a balanced relationship. Because of the intermittency and instability of the power generation side of the renewable energy, there is inevitably the peak-valley difference in the power-side load of the power system, which poses great challenge to the grid dispatching. The traditional solution is to leave a lot of spare capacity, resulting in low efficiency of system equipment. Solar power generator can be combined with low-cost large-scale thermal battery storage system to achieve continuous and stable "flexible" power output, to overcome the current wind power and solar photovoltaic power plants due to large-scale use of batteries, resulting in poor transmission quality , The power grid "rigid" impact of the big shortcomings at home and abroad is generally considered to be the most promising renewable energy power generation, is expected to become the main energy in the future.

The degree of energy storage technology will determine the level of development of renewable energy industry
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Internationally, fossil energy supply has become the bottleneck of global economic development. At the same time, serious environmental problems caused by the use of fossil fuels have been highly valued by countries in the world. Europe, North America, Russia, China and other countries and regions have gradually shifted the focus of future clean energy development to renewable energy. Germany has announced that in 2022 will stop the application of nuclear power plants, all turned to clean renewable energy applications. However, because of the unstable and intermittent characteristics of renewable energy generation, large-scale development and utilization will make the contradiction between supply and demand more prominent. At present, the problem of abandonment and abandonment of light in the world is widespread, which severely restricts the development of the renewable energy industry.

China's solar thermal power generation in recent years has been able to rise suddenly, because the solar thermal power generation is different from the previous solar photovoltaic and wind power, it has large-scale thermal storage function. Intuitive to say, it can achieve safe, reliable, economical, flexible, controllable all-weather power generation, which is the past, renewable energy power generation technology does not have the advantage, so the high-temperature thermal storage of solar thermal power generation system is the most The key part. With energy storage technology, renewable energy power generation from low-value, unplanned power supply to high-value, high reliability of power supply, access to a more broad market prospects. Therefore, energy storage technology will become the future of renewable energy industry development of the common choice.

The breakthrough of energy storage technology and innovation are the key to whether the renewable energy industry can develop smoothly

China's energy storage application market is very promising. By 2020, China will demonstrate the 100 MW full vanadium flow battery energy storage system, 10 MW class sodium-sulfur battery energy storage system and 100 MW lithium-ion battery energy storage system and a number of mature storage Technology. The new round of electric power system reform will open the market for new energy distributed power and energy storage batteries applications.

Of course, the solar thermal power industry can not be separated from the industrialization of energy storage technology breakthroughs and innovation. With the introduction of solar thermal power benchmarking prices, the first batch of solar thermal power demonstration projects identified in 2016 to become solar thermal power generation industry in the first year of development. National Solar Thermal Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance governing units - Beijing University of Technology in the molten salt heat storage research has also been a high degree of concern of international counterparts; national solar thermal industry technology innovation strategic alliance member - Shenzhen Golden Vanadium Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in Gansu Aksai 50 MW high temperature molten salt trough solar thermal power generation project verification platform is the first phase of the project using high temperature molten salt storage technology, the installed 200kW high temperature molten salt trough verification platform, in accordance with 15 Hour storage capacity design, representing the current highest international technical level.
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In addition, recently, SolarReserve plans in the United States to build Sandstone Energy X solar thermal power generation project, the project will use molten salt tower technology route. The key to the Sandstone Energy X project is to "maximize energy storage," which has 20,000 MWh of heat storage capacity, which is dwarfed by the 400 MWh AES battery system that Southern California Edison is bidding on. On the largest energy storage battery.

Strengthening energy storage technology research will help to promote the commercialization of solar thermal power generation

Solar thermal power generation through energy storage, making solar power from the unstable power supply can be a long period of continuous power supply and stable power supply. Because of this, countries are trying to tackle the problem, many international companies and research institutions in the heat storage has done a lot of innovative R & D work. 20 years ago, the United States has established a molten salt heat storage 10MWe Solar Two solar thermal power station, the molten salt large-scale heat storage and heat storage technology has been verified; Italy ENEA, Germany DLR, France CNRS, Switzerland PSI, Chinese Academy of Sciences And many other well-known research institutions have also on energy storage materials, energy storage devices, energy storage systems and other aspects of in-depth research work. Energy storage technology to further develop the need for materials, processes, equipment, operation control, system management, and other aspects to be addressed, involving materials, thermal, mechanical, electronic, chemical technology and equipment, scientific issues, so we need to pass the production Research and research in close contact, interdisciplinary, multi-field integration and cooperation to jointly promote energy storage technology innovation.

The National Strategic Alliance for Solar Thermal Industry Technology Innovation is the only national alliance in the field of renewable energy. It aims to establish and strengthen the linkages, communication and cooperation in political, industrial and academic research, and to explore and integrate social resources, build industrial technology innovation platform, Small and medium enterprises, national solar thermal power generation demonstration projects.
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National solar thermal industry technology innovation strategic alliance at the national level, Ministry of science and technology level, the relevant portable solar power generator industry chain unit together, access to relevant policy support, conscientiously study to solve the industrial development problems, carry out the implementation National planning demonstration projects, thoroughly open up from research and development to the real commercial road. Hope that the national solar thermal industry technology innovation strategic alliance member unit collaboration, and jointly promote energy storage technology innovation for China's solar thermal power industry plug in the wings of flying.
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