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Electron Spin Improve Efficiency of Organic Solar Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-11 13:39:27
Organic solar power batteies simulate plant work, its slim, lightweight and flexible,can also be printed out like a newspaper, with the current widely used silicon-based solar power batteries compared to the factory process more quickly, the cost is lower. But the highest solar conversion rate of only 12%, but also can not be as high as 20% to 25% conversion efficiency with the industry advantages of silicon-based solar cells comparable.

Photovoltaic panel diode burnout Now, Cambridge University and the University of Washington scientists have carried out a study found that organic solar cells within the electron spin manipulation, can significantly improve its performance, help scientists to develop cheap and high Performance of organic solar cells.
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Spin is a property that a particle possesses in relation to its angular momentum. Electrons have two spin modes: up or down. Through a process known as recombination, electrons in a solar cell lose their energy and enter a completely empty state called a hole. Researchers have found that allowing electrons to spin in a particular way can prevent energy loss and increase the current in the solar cell.

Using this exciting research, we can use spin physics to improve the performance of solar cells affect portable solar power generator performance,says Akshay Rao, a research leader at the Cavendish Laboratory. This is unlikely to happen, and new materials and solar cells developed in this way may soon be available.
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