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Electric Vehicle Batteries Will Explode ?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-13 10:39:37
We all know that lifePo4 batteris used for electric vehicle. Along with social progress, economic development, improving people's living standards, use of electric vehicles for people to bring a lot of convenience. Phenomenon fire hot weather this summer, the country also frequently occur, then the electric car lifePo4 batteries will explode it? In fact, all the cause of the fire, the electric car battery fire also accounted for a lot of proportion.
Lithium Battery Explosion
The specific reasons for the electric car battery explosion follows:

The first reason is the most prone to excessive charging

Typically, eight hours of charging, fully able to meet the needs of users, but some users in order to make electric vehicle lifePo4 batteries charging a little more electric, a bit more to go away, will select twelve hours, or even longer charging, so approach not only does not have a positive effect, but will reduce battery  for sola power portable generator performance.

Second, the short circuit causing the charger to fire, leading to the battery caught fire and exploded

There are many users have to carry the battery charger habit, this habit even though it can solve the electric car without electricity problem, but the drawbacks is that the long-term bumps easily lead to the lifePo4 batteries for sola powered portable generator charger circuit and open welding element, and thus in charging process cause a short circuit, a fire.
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Also, do not match the electric car lifePo4 batteries charger may result in fire. Now, many families have electric cars, and different brands of electric car charger can not be mixed, and some young people in order to facilitate, ignore this, not only to the electric car battery bring great harm, but also for safety buried lower risks. Therefore, we must pay attention to if the charger is damaged, go to regular suppliers to this storage batteries.

Thirdly, plus long-term high temperature rechargeable cause fire

The hot temperatures will bring a lot of problems, such as electric vehicle lifePo4 batteries charging, many users are charged directly on the car, such an approach would give security lay hidden, such as high temperatures cause the battery caught fire and exploded this also the reason for solar power portable generator, while this ratio in the country electric vehicle batteries caught fire accounted refrain. Therefore, we recommend that the majority of consumers in the charging process must be taken to avoid heat and overcharging.
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Electric vehicle lifePo4 batteries charging environment is actually required, and if not careful, it is prone to fire and explosion and, therefore, pay special attention to safety especially for outdoor sport using portale solar power generator. Now, the electric car industry has entered a stage of rapid development, many families will have an even more electric cars, and how to maintain electric vehicle batteries, how to extend the life of the user is very important.
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