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Electric Car Battery Should Pay Attention To Security Iissues

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-10 11:03:27
As the temperature gradually increased, the use of electric cars on the street people began to travel more and more, the electric car lifePo4 batteries safety issues are more and more consumer attention.

Divided by the type of batteries currently on the market for electric vehicle models are divided into lead-acid batteries and lifePo4 models. Whatever the type of battery models, from purchase to use the process should pay attention to safe operation.
lifePo4 storage battery pack
Technical maturity and performance differences between these two types of lead-acid and lifePo4 batteries large lead-acid battery technology has been a century of history, due to its high stability characteristics Pb and widely used, while the llifePo4 battery into the past 30 years of the development of technology is relatively mature, but because of the element lithium lively performance, application range is relatively small. The difference between two types of battery performance mainly in the following areas:

1, environmental protection. There is no battery pollution (not absolute), and lead-acid battery recycling improper side of heavy metal pollution

2, the specific energy. lifePo4 ratio and volume ratio is higher than the capacity of lead-acid batteries are probably about 40%.

3, price. The same amount of lead-acid batteries lithium prices are more than double those

4, life. Current general lifePo4 rechargeable 1500 times, no memory effect, charge about 85% of the storage capacity after 1500, and lead-acid batteries is about 500 times, and the memory effect is obvious

5, self-discharge rate. Li-ion battery self-discharge of less than 3% of lead-acid batteries 15-30%, the difference is obvious.

6, the discharge characteristics. Simply put, the same capacity battery, the case of large current discharge, lithium batteries than lead-acid batteries put out about 30% of electricity.

7, voltage platform. Lithium battery voltage platform is greater than 3V, lead-acid batteries is 2V

In this special reminder, the safety performance of two types of cells. Power lifePo4 batteries (lithium manganese oxide, lithium iron phosphate) of different materials security vary, lead-acid battery technology is quite mature, the whole security is higher than the lithium batteries.

Jerry Harms cell line

Since lead-acid batteries in the safety performance than lithium batteries, it is not explosive combustion of lithium car must be higher than the probability of lead-acid batteries for electric vehicles? In fact not the case.

Electric car lifePo4 battery safety issues and more in the process of charging electric vehicles, which in fact has little relation to the performance of the battery itself.

When the electric vehicle charging battery itself is not prone to short-circuit, rarely explosion or fire, and were equipped with electric vehicle lifePo4 battery charger generally protective devices, lithium batteries in the control and protection circuit board, once the current is too strong or the occurrence of line short circuit protection system will automatically cut off to prevent short-circuiting due to the electric car explosion or fire.

Lead-acid batteries occurrence cause of the fire is connected with the general aging lines, manufacturers cut corners or poor heat resistance line, whereas lithium car explosion or fire, or heat resistance in addition to the aging problem, and may be protected by an internal battery system fails .

In addition, if consumers improper operation during use, the battery is damaged, the charging time is too long and other reasons, the lifePo4 battery pack will increase the risk of short circuit.

Line loose connections riding accident prone
storage battery
Electric car at runtime to bear more intense vibration, responsible for all reliability assessment connected with the connector should be "self-locking" function to prevent vibration and pulled off on the electric vehicle battery lug connections should be taken connectors, and solder to weld, connectors and wiring application crimp. If the contact is not strong, to a lesser extent, poor conductivity occurs to line contact portion fever, the line loss is large, the output voltage is low, the impact of electrical power, so that mileage can not be reduced or normal riding.

Appear during driving or charging contacts properly, it could generate circuit, will have a strong spark circuit, electric vehicle batteries may point explosion inside the explosive atmosphere, especially just charged electric vehicle batteries, because the battery inside explosive atmosphere more, and electric vehicle battery is full, disconnect the spark when relatively strong possibility of an explosion is quite big.

However, the lifePo4 battery charge and discharge, but in good condition to ensure

Whether lead-acid batteries or lithium batteries should try to avoid charging time is too long a time do not charge more than 8 hours, and try not dramatic collision or contact with hot objects. Especially lithium-ion battery, the charging time is too long or the like method every time the battery is completely exhausted rechargeable are not correct.

Since lithium batteries no memory effect, so each charge will not affect how much battery energy storage effect. Conversely, if a long charging time, it will affect the consistency of the battery pack, which affect life expectancy. And to reduce this life can not be restored, so pay special attention not to a charge too full, it is recommended to charge 80% of the best.

Discharge situation is the same, when charging the battery inside to have a little power, little electricity electric cars do not run are not rechargeable, so also affect battery life.

In addition, after the battery is fully discharged, immediately fill power consumers as possible, avoid charging at low temperatures, if the electric bike for a long time do not need to remember to timely fill power. This will not only be able to extend battery life, more important it is to safeguard the stability of the battery performance.

Electric car security starting from the time of purchase

Thus, to ensure the use of electric vehicles in the process of security, consumers buy when it has started to pay attention. Currently, regular factory protection systems are more perfect, line materials and components interfaces are more formal. Consumers do not freeloaders, be sure to choose the regular manufacturers or well-known brands of electric vehicles.

In addition, consumers should pay attention to electric vehicles and batteries in the standard operating procedure in use, to prevent overcharge and over discharge. To take measures to cool down after the heat of electric vehicle batteries, electric vehicle batteries to be charged only when the temperature returns to normal. Electric vehicle battery mounting position should be as far as possible to ensure good heat dissipation, overheating should be found to stop charging, the charger and electric vehicle batteries response check. Electric vehicle battery discharge depth is shallow or high ambient temperature should shorten the charging time. Electric car lifePo4 battery pack discharge to the termination voltage, to continue to discharge as over-discharge. Over discharge will seriously damage the electric vehicle batteries, electric vehicle batteries for electrical performance and cycle life is extremely unfavorable.

Overall, consumers in the purchase of an electric car not only in price, mileage and other factors determine the quality of a car, a wiring material, component contacts are good equally important. And the lifePo4 battery pack must be no short-circuit, special care should be installed or used, the tool should take insulation measures, when the first electrical connection battery other than a good, no short circuit upon inspection, finally connected to the electric vehicle batteries, wiring norms should be well insulated to prevent overlapping pressure to rupture, the only way to make electric cars safer, long-term use.

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