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Eight Tips to Buy Best UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-12 10:19:35

UPS is accompanied by the birth of the computer and appears as a computer peripherals, UPS is an energy storage device comprising, as a main element in the inverter, power protection device output voltage frequency stabilization, which can solve the existing power, ground voltage, high voltage surges, noise and so on, so that a computer system more secure and reliable. When a user in the selection of UPS, should be determined according to their own requirements of the selection criteria, choose the most suitable use of the UPS, but not the cheapest or most upscale. And the battery is an important part, you'd better use the most suitable lifepo4 batteries.

UPS BAattery
Large enterprises in the optional UPS uninterruptible power supply should be aware of the following key indicators:

1, UPS uninterruptible power supply and distribution format many large UPS should adopt Three (380V), three (380V) power distribution formats.

2, Isolation transformer. In order to solve the interference load, zero voltage and isolate problems, generally large UPS comes standard with output isolation transformer, if taking into account the impact on power and interference, optional input isolation transformer. 

3, The output voltage unbalance. For UPS, the partial phase regardless of whether the input, the output voltage imbalance as small as possible, should be a three phase power supply to the load. 
ups battery species
4, Magnetic compatibility characteristics. Those who passed the EMC test UPS, electronic equipment to reduce pollution of the grid and the radiation on the human body, to avoid affecting the normal operation of other equipment at the same time, UPS also must have the ability to resist interference of other devices.

5, The output power factor. Output power factor is the ability to adapt to the different nature of the load, the output power factor is ideal lead and lag are zero, which indicates that it can take a load of any nature. 

6, MTBF. MTBF longer the better.

7, Monitoring software. UPS to be equipped with a fully functional, easy to use monitoring software for domestic users, monitoring interface for the whole Chinese also essential requirements.

8, Battery. Large UPS should have intelligent battery management function, for example lifepo4 battery pack with BMS, at least should have periodic automatic battery test and battery maintenance, all charge / float automatic conversion, automatic temperature compensation function to extend battery life.

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