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Efficient Solar Power Battery Technology

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-13 15:22:32
① Light trapping solar glossy surface sunlight reflectivity above 35%, if not treated, the solar lifePo4 batteries short-circuit current is bound to very low, unable to achieve efficient performance. To reduce reflection, mining light trap structure is necessary. Currently, Gao efficiency monocrystalline silicon cells, can be inverted pyramid structure of lithography and chemical etching made suede. Although the inverted pyramid of light have a better effect, but this compared to photolithography Gao, not suitable for use in production. Since the single crystal silicon material in alkaline etching solution in the etching, the etching rate (100) plane faster than the (111) plane, if the silicon wafers (100) plane as a lifePo4 battery of surface corrosion occurs after pyramid structure with four (111) formed on the surface. As the chemical etching method is easy to control, low cost, ease of mass production, so the current Gao efficiency silicon solar cell industrial production are prepared using this method is suede. Preclude the use of such a pyramid structure of the lifePo4 battery, the reflectance of the surface will be reduced to 10%.

② Antireflection coating to further reduce the loss of incident light, can be vapor-deposited antireflection film on the surface of the lifePo4 battery. Its basic principle is to be in the media and has a refractive index of the cell surface membrane, it can make all levels of the reflected light emitted generated interfere with each other to completely offset.
③ Passivation layer passivation process is a very important step in the manufacture of solar cells efficiency Gao, to a certain extent, it is an important indicator to measure the efficiency of the battery. For there is no passivation of solar cells, photo-generated carriers move to some of the Gao region after the composite, such as surface and electrode contact at the complex will soon be out, today portable solar power generator is widely used,which seriously affectlifePo4 battery performance. It can be effectively reduced to take some measures in these areas after the passivation compound, mention Gao cell efficiency. Generally, efficient solar cells can be hot oxygen passivation, passivation hydrogen atom, or phosphorus, boron, aluminum diffusion surface passivation.

Hot oxygen Passivation is the most common and most effective way, the front and back of the battery silicon oxide film is formed, it can effectively prevent the carrier recombination at the surface. In addition, the silicon oxide layer may also serve as antireflection film, electroless plating mask to prevent wafer contamination and so on. Currently, using TCA (trichloroacetic ethylene gas) passivation silicon oxide layer is preferably grown process.

Phosphorus, boron or aluminum in the surface of the cell diffusion, forming the back field, forcing the minority carriers away from the surface, reducing the probability of recombination, which is a passivation.

The method of making the back of the field more, such as steamed sintered aluminum, boron or concentrated concentrated phosphorus diffusion. Wherein, in the back of the battery using localized diffusion backing field has better advantages, it produced both the built-in electric field, while reducing the electrode area in contact with the substrate, so that the composite rate Gao region of a metal-semiconductor interface is greatly reduced. With respect to the back of the whole structure of highly doped diffusion, localized doping greatly reduced due to the heavily-doped area (typically ~ 2%, only 1% of the whole back area), so it all reduces the surface recombination at the back, so that better people mention Gao Yang battery performance.
④ Improve the efficient preparation of solar cell substrate material is first choice Gao quality of silicon as the substrate, such as some laboratory made Gao efficiency lifePo4 batteries are using FZ silicon. But the cost of silicon is Gao, not in mass production. One of the development direction of high efficiency solar cells is to reduce the cost of the silicon wafer. Czochralski silicon material, although lower cost, but using a boron-doped P-type silicon wafer production cell efficiency is lower,this battery is uesd for solar power portable generator and the performance will continue to reduce the light to shine even when stored in the dark. Produce the most fundamental reason is that the material degradation of oxygen-containing higher child will react and boron-doped in the case of illumination.

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