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Efficient Balancing Battery Management System

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-11 16:20:53
Efficient balancing battery management system: passive equalization is pure electric and hybrid in the most widely used in a balanced way, with low cost and high reliability. With the repeated charging and discharging of the lifepo4 battery pack due to inconsistencies between the internal resistance of the battery, the battery will generate pressure, if not treated, pressure will grow increasingly common industry practice is a parallel resistor voltage consumed high energy batteries. The traditional way of cooling and air resistance is the direct contact with the heat conduction out quickly difficult.
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Efficient balancing battery management system is based on aluminum plate cooling technology and single-cell capacity equalization offset correction technology management system, this product can be efficiently accurate balanced management of lithium batteries. Traditional battery management system generally is about balancing the current 60mA, this product uses aluminum plate mount balancing resistor, while the aluminum plate by close fitting manner mounted on the aluminum shell, the heat generated by conduction out of balance, in order to achieve 200mA balanced current capability.

Traditional battery management system is mainly based on individual cell voltages were inconsistencies balance control, this product by estimating a single battery capacity combined with individual cell voltages real difference to identify a single battery capacity calculation error, thus equalizing the amount based on the difference control. Related products are more active equalizer low cost, high reliability, well-balanced effect and other advantages; similar to the more traditional passive balanced product costs, but has obvious effects can be balanced so that power battery charge and discharge energy and maximize lifespan.

The efficient equalization system has been applied to the whole country's new bulk solar energy storage system BMS product that balancing capabilities far greater than the market similar products with stable quality, reliable. 200mA current balance is the industry's largest passive equalization current equilibrium rate is more than three times that of similar products, and balanced resistor can be fully opened. And similar products due to the heat is not good, balanced while only a handful of open points.
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Battery management system hardware in the loop simulation: battery management system as the security level of quality and stability of auto parts, software, robustness is particularly important, traditional automotive electronic control system hardware in the loop simulation test system can not solve the high-voltage electric car, high current, high-precision real-time, special interface needs. Our solar powered portable generator also need to use battery management system.

State new impetus developed battery management system hardware in the Loop Simulation Test Technology loop simulation technology is a real BMS controller plus the virtual object. With a high voltage power supply, high current constant current source, high-speed real-time processor, hardware I / O boards, Labview software, Matlab software and other components of the virtual object.
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