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Double-sided Solar Power Battery Applications

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-20 10:35:28
Double-sided solar power batttery is a new form of solar cells. Japan's Hitachi Ltd translucent double-sided solar cell modules, and building integrated photovoltaic solar power portable generator has a very promising future. This solar cell module is generally mounted vertically, its advantages are as follows.

① Although the upright, but it can produce and a lot of directors.
② due to the vertical placement, snow, sand, dust and bird droppings fall on the components is not easy, so that the optimization of the components can be obtained.
③ reduce the footprint.
④ wide range of applications, can be combined with structural materials.
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In the double-sided solar installation is generally positive to the east, to the west on the back, so that both sides can better use of solar energy. Double-sided solar cell module output power depends on the time of the output power versus time curve is double hump does not appear in the one-sided assembly. If you need more power in the morning and afternoon, then the lifePo4 batteries can be much help. Japan Mito experiment performed) can be seen, the day the output power is relatively large.

Duplex lifePo4 battery pack can be used in many ways, for example in the roof of the four-sided vertical mounting the battery pack, both can play the role of the railing, and nice, you can also generate electricity. It can be used as soundproof walls highways and railways, the garden fence. Application of double-sided cell module opens up new ways of building and photovoltaic devices combined applications.

Background solar power generation home system is very promising way of clean renewable energy a. In other countries, household soalr power generation system has been considerable development driven by the government, such as Japan from 1994 began to promote residential rooftop photovoltaic project. In China, urban BIPV household photovoltaic systems still remain in the experimental stage, a wide range of application work is not carried out. Solar systems in this respect, the bold exploration, including the completion of BIPV 2. 5kW grid household solar power systems and solar water heaters 8m2 comprehensive utilization of solar home systems use.
World's Largest Double-sided 12.8MW Solar Power Generator
Introducing the system of solar home systems in Shenzhen City, a downtown roof Gao's 20-storey residential building. 2. 5kW of BIPV grid PV systems generate electricity duo through the bi-directional inverter supply the electricity needs of the user's part of the appliance load. When the solar power generation is greater than or equal to immediate load requirements, it can be directly supplied by the solar energy load demand, and excess power can be returned to the grid; when solar energy is insufficient to meet the load demand, the mains supply load demand, and you can simultaneously charge lifePo4 battery. When the mains failure by the battery to AC appliances can load. After the completion of this system is fully installed, you can achieve a complete portable solar power generator system remote telemetry. You can use a PC compatible computer and modem for remote communication to achieve the above, in order to achieve data transfer and control command transmission security, the use of the remote system in the system control software AES LINK.
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