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Double Push Plate Kiln in Solar Powered Home Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-22 11:10:22
Background: At present, China's new solar power portable generator industry is in a critical period of the relevant policies favorable face frequent, new energy automotive industry was the rapid development trend. However, the new energy vehicles charging fire incident occurred recently often found in newspapers, which will undoubtedly promote the use of new energy vehicles has cast a shadow. 2016 Ministry suspended three yuan lifePO4 batteries included in the new energy generator application of recommended models directory for based  of consideration of battery safety issues. How to improve the safety performance of new energy vehicles to achieve sustainable development, we have become thought-provoking questions.
solar power portable generator
Currently the industry is generally through the use of high safety diaphragm, flame retardant electrolyte liquid cooling and other thermal management solutions, including high safety diaphragm is the most economical and reasonable solution. Aluminum oxide as an inorganic material with portable solar power generator high thermal stability and chemical inertness, is a good choice for lifePo4 batteries separator ceramic coating.

High purity alumina has better market conditions and higher technical problems, especially in the sintering furnace equipment selection is particularly important, Qianjin Furnace is the first intervention of ultra-pure alumina powder furnace portable solar power generator manufacturers listed since the majority of customers trust and support, and occupies 90% domestic market share.

Brick furnace, kiln furnace section interfaces used in all tenon structure, which while ensuring the long-running electric kiln refractory structure dimensional stability. Low corundum material as lining. Furnace bottom surface of the slide 98 a dense sintered alumina corundum wear-resistant material portable solar power generator for home.
portable solar power generator
Temperature control: temperature control using SCR module. Temperature control system with over-temperature alarm and over-temperature shutdown (temperature control group), thermocouple burnout audible alarm (implemented by the temperature gauge), all electrical systems according to national norms specific standard furnace: GB10067.1-4-88 electric equipment basic technical conditions, JB6205-92 resistance furnace and temperature control cabinet standard, GB5959.1-96 electric equipment safety standard design. Electrical system design over-current, over voltage, short circuit protection.

Electrical control cabinet. Cabinet equipped with a total three-phase meters, and is equipped with light maintenance, repair with 220V outlet. Control cabinet design lighting. Each zone can be independently temperature start-stop, single-zone change rod operation, to prevent the breaking bar full kiln shutdown. Temperature control of best portable solar power generator system is designed with voltmeter, ammeter, to facilitate the work of the heating element parameter adjustment. Design with good heat dissipation.
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