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Disadvantage Of The Solar Power Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-08 10:01:36
Solar power portable generator around the world has become more and more prevalent. Whether intended to use solar panels to power the entire dwelling, or as an emergency backup power, you can read this article to understand the environment and its individual pros and cons. Before making a decision to acquire more knowledge in addition to outside, there is a need to understand the potential disadvantages of solar generator.

Initial Cost

Price Emergency solar power generating units has been declining, old-fashioned low-end price of solar products, especially cheap. But cheap solar power generator sets are usually very low and are not necessarily at the time of power failure to meet the entire family of electricity. Some of the most expensive even with a solar generator can not afford a refrigerator.
portable solar power generator
Cost for the overall residential solar power generator is converted to the biggest problem of the purchase of equipment. You can basically meet the domestic electricity all standard equipment usually takes on the yuan. Depending on the choice of quality solar panels, you may need 6--10 years to recover the investment cost.


From solar panels to get maximum power output, they need to face south, and can not have obstacles blocking sunlight and other trees, mountains or buildings. There are panels in the shaded part of the day does not cause work to stop, but will reduce the portable solar power generator efficiency of solar panels.

Weather Change

There are differences generating capacity of different time periods, and daily weather conditions are also different. Since solar panels rely on the sun, even small clouds also affect the solar power generation and power output. In rainy and cloudy weather, you will find solar generators to provide electricity is very small.

Portable Solar Power Generator System
Unless enough electricity stored during the day. Otherwise, whether for an emergency or to provide electricity to residential, electrical appliances can not be used at night. Typical current method of storing solar energy is to use a 12-volt battery. Solar power generator systems can use standard car battery, but because of frequent use and charging, the battery is the best deep cycle like lifePo4 batteries. In most cases,make 4-6 batteries combined together form a battery pack that can store a few days to a week electricity power.

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