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Development Trend and Challenge of Serial Inverter

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-09 14:20:48
In recent years, the group of string ground solar power station in the world is widely used. Compared with the centralized solar power generator, there are obvious advantages of the string-type power plant, which is embodied in the following points: high solar power generation, small footprint, no machine room, reliable operation and easy maintenance. Especially for distributed roofs, mountain and hill projects, group string program has an unparalleled advantage.

Solar power station generally selected in the desert, plateau and other sunny places, these areas very low temperature in winter, summer temperatures are very high, large sand, high altitude, light intensity, and some sites even at the beach, corrosive. In these scenarios, the Shenzhen string inverters are exposed directly to the outdoors by hanging walls, hanging photovoltaic panels, or hanging independent mounts, and external components are at risk of rain, dust, and aging. How to do both to adapt to harsh environments, but also to meet the inverter cooling, as we are most concerned about.
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Common Ways and Problems of Group Cooling Inverter

Inverter heat dissipation are mainly natural cooling and air cooling in two ways, the key factor affecting the cooling capacity of the convective heat transfer coefficient. Under normal circumstances, the air-cooled heat transfer coefficient of heat flow than natural convection by an order of magnitude, so the group outside the string to increase the inverter fan can greatly enhance the cooling capacity, industry manufacturers generally use this method of cooling. However, string string inverter application environment is poor, its external fan protection performance requirements are higher. The current outdoor fan protection rating generally only IP54 / IP55, external fan design led to the overall system protection level can not reach IP65. At the same time, in order to avoid rain directly scouring the fan, the design of cooling solutions, the duct will become very complex, limited form of the air duct, once the fan failure, thermal capacity decay serious, this will make the inverter output power reduction, , A serious impact on customer interests with portable solar power generator. More critical is that the fan perennial exposure to rain and dust, corrosion, serious decline in life expectancy, the inverter life cycle need to replace the fan many times, high maintenance costs.

The Solution to the Problem of Heat Dissipation in Series Inverter

No external fan design is the more advanced solutions, the inverter without the need to install external fan, the protection level can reach IP65, and low noise, high reliability, elimination of fan failure due to attenuation of cooling capacity power derating, easy maintenance, low cost.

With the increase in output power and volume reduction, cooling capacity will be the biggest bottleneck in string inverter design. For this problem, you can use copper-aluminum composite, heat pipe, are temperature-hardened way to reduce thermal resistance, enhance the radiator cooling capacity. Another important way is to increase the internal cavity fan to improve the internal spoiler and enhance the heat dissipation capacity of the cavity, spoiler fan in the cavity because there is no protection problems, even if the failure of the overall cooling capacity and power of little effect.
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No external fan, natural cooling, sand ability

The string inverter is designed with the above heat dissipation concept, plus Huawei's unique soaking design technology, thermal isolation, thermal shielding technology, etc., to achieve no external fan, the inverter overall protection class IP65, reliable High. From the long - term application situation of heavy sand in northwest plateau and strong corrosive environment in seaside of Hainan, the whole group string inverters for solar power generator have better reliability and protection effect, good performance and stable performance.

If the forced air cooling, the fan easily damaged, short life expectancy, frequent replacement of the fan in addition to the impact of the product (such as the use of high-temperature, Of the solar powered portable generator, but also bring expensive maintenance costs; In addition, if the inverter installed in the user's external walls and attic, forced air-cooled noise will easily lead to customer complaints. The use of natural cooling products, fanless, long-term product reliability, low noise, so self-heating, fanless design of outdoor small-power inverter key competitiveness
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