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Development of Solar Battery Lead The Industry Trend

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 17:25:34
Solar battery as a new energy industry, has great potential for development like solar powered portable generator, is an international market research and development priorities, is the best green substitute energy sources. In recent years, the rapid development of solar battery industry, environmental pollution caused by energy consumption are expanding, resource constraints and energy security constraints and are subject to threats,the traditional consumption growth model has not suited to the efficient development of our economy and upgrading of the industrial form of solar power batteries industry began a new rise of a new journey.

He pointed out that currently, solar power battery industry has the government's support to form a complete industrial chain, has formed a research and development of industrial cluster effect and polysilicon technology, but still many years dependent on imports, serious industrial structure abnormalities situation, capacity unilateral fast growth display "driving force" of insufficient domestic demand.But the technology ofe portable soalr power generator not moving. These ideas are catching up to expand the scale of solar battery industry development and technical support system, for using solar battery of  lifepo4 batteries, resulting in the development of obstacles.
portable solar power generator
Promote the establishment of technical standards, promote the development of manufacturing industry chain of solar battery and modules, the most important policy of increasing investment to accelerate the mechanism works well, so that solar powered portable generator in China the weakest of silicon materials manufacturing and technology research into the formation of the industrial cycle, master the key technology to improve their core competitiveness, so that is also conducive to coordination, balance and accelerate industrial chain built.

Solar power battery industry as an industry wide area, pull the obvious benefits of a sunrise industry, able to support a strong development strategy of China's new energy can stimulate green innovation and vitality, bring the whole industry, the transformation of economic development mode, adjust the industrial structure, promote scientific management, establish a modern enterprise model, we believe that the solar battery of portable solar power generator will bring great development of power, the power of the sun will become the core driving force of innovation and intellectual development!

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