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Details of Polymer Lithium Battery Charge and Discharge Maintenance

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 17:07:01
With the highly developed field of new energy lifepo4 using lithium battery products are increasingly being used. Capacity lithium polymer battery inside is a large, small, lightweight lithium battery. Because the flexible polymer batteries are a form, so can not produce in the course of the collision, and make sharp objects collision cell. Polymer lithium exposure at high temperatures. If the temperature is too high environmental lithium batteries will increase the internal pressure of the battery pressure limiting valve forced open automatically, this will lead to loss of water lithium battery, battery causing decreased activity, accelerating the plate to soften, after the last deadly charge damage.

Polymer lithium-ion battery test conditions at a temperature of 20 ± 5 ℃, standardized tests are required before the test battery is fully discharged, between 45-85% relative humidity of the air, this is the best test for polymer batteries good standard conditions. In order to ensure safety during use polymer battery, the charging process takes a constant current constant voltage charging, the charging current must be a monomer 1C5A, the charging temperature range is between 0 ~ + 45 ℃, so in general do not worry about the South limit temperature conditions, due to differences in regional and northern regional consumers polymer used in the winter to use in particular. At the same time, the charging voltage of the polymer can not exceed 4.23v.

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Whether general or large capacity polymer battery, should pay attention to the charging process , and discharge of the battery can't be ignored too. In general, the deeper the depth of discharge, the shorter the battery life solar powered portable generator. Discharge current increases, the shorter the battery life. Polymer battery can cope with short-term high-current electrical exile, but if the depth of discharge too many times, the polymer will affect lifePo4 battery life.

During the long time polymer battery isn't used, the battery itself may cause some kind of over-discharge state. To prevent this from happening, should give polymer batteries during long periods of use periodically charged, the battery voltage is maintained at more than 3.0v, advance to prevent over-discharge because the battery performance and lead to loss of function. Under the guidance of technical personnel to accurately grasp the charging time according to the actual situation, the reference frequency of use and mileage usually the case, but also pay attention to the size of the capacity of the lithium battery brand manufacturers to provide instructions and matching charger performance parameters such as the size of the charge current grasp charging frequency. The average charge time is about 8 hours. Depth of discharge the battery to recharge a battery best 50% -80%.
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Polymer lithium battery doesn't mean slimmer. Thin or thick always been closely associated with the energy density, regardless if the battery is a cylinder or a square, in the same period, with the same capacity polymer lithium battery 18650 lithium battery volume weight wasn't significantly different. Polymer lithium battery has it's unique and 18650 (cylindrical) lithium battery completely irreplaceable advantages: a square flat, which makes it lightweight portable electronic devices to show it's mettle in addition to all highly dependent on mobile phones, or portable solar power generator ultra-thin notebook also the use of lithium polymer batteries.

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