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Design Of Solar Cell Module

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-27 14:29:20
The output characteristics of a solar power batteries are a problem that must be considered when designing a component, and there is sufficient knowledge to address the design problem.The output of the solar cell depends on the conversion efficiency and contributes to the generation of electricity by the effective area of the solar cell The conversion efficiency of a solar cell differs depending on the material and the light source of the solar cell.

The amorphous silicon solar cell is more suitable for electronic products such as calculators used in fluorescent lamps, etc. Moreover, as described above, since amorphous silicon solar cells have been developed, an integrated type solar power battery has been developed - on a substrate A higher voltage can be obtained, which is more advantageous. Solar cells in a certain light intensity, the light source corresponding to the conversion efficiency of the output can be obtained per unit area, so the greater the effective area, the greater the output of solar cells, in addition, as described in Chapter IV solar cell because of Illumination characteristics, spectral characteristics, so the output also varies with the type of light source, the greater the output light intensity is also greater.
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In view of the above, it is necessary to understand the design of the solar cell module.The type of material used to make solar cells.The location of solar cells where the light intensity, the type of light source, the unit area of solar power generator by the current.Series number of stages and the size of the component.Design components is to determine the serial number of solar cells and components of the size of the following series of series and the size of the components described in series series.

The material of the solar cell determines the output voltage of a cell. Of course, the output voltage varies with the light intensity, from 100lx to 10 million lx light intensity of the monocrystalline silicon, portable solar power generator amorphous silicon, gallium arsenide the best working voltage Usually, the output voltage of the electronic products and the output voltage of the secondary battery are 1.5 V or more, so several solar cells must be connected in series.

The size of the component

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The size of the solar cell can be obtained from the use environment, the output current to the load machine, and the capacity of the secondary battery, and the size of the component is obtained only when the solar battery drives the load for the power supply by solar power generation. The optimum operating current of the solar cell module is determined from the optimum operating point of the voltage-current curve, and the operating point is designed to be the point at which the output of the load machine is the maximum, and the driving load machine , The optimum operating current per unit area of the solar cell is set to be the optimum light receiving area S for obtaining the optimum operating current, and the coefficient m varies depending on the material and the type of the light source of the solar cell, Light-receiving area s to determine the size of the components.

When the secondary battery is charged by the solar battery and the secondary battery is the power source of the solar power portable generator, the load current I and the charging time T are required for the load device I consuming the current I for T hours, as follows. The charging current can be obtained by determining the charging time and the discharging time from the above equation according to the manner in which the load machine is used, and then the charging current is determined by the same method as described above, The current determines the size of the element.

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