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Denmark Resistant Sandwich Of Solar Cells Freshly Baked

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-10 11:03:07
Solar powered portable generator low melting point? Poor heat resistance? High production costs? Look Danish researchers used a new battery material properties prepared afraid of high temperature and efficiency. Heat protection device consists of tungsten and alumina film composition can absorb a large amount of solar radiation and convert it to electricity.
Mosaic in solar panels photovoltaic cell having a photoelectric effect, photovoltaic cell material determines its effective conversion rate of the narrow band of sunlight. Photoelectric efficiency is limited to two terms, neither will the sun long wavelength light into energy, and waste most of the energy of short wavelength. Scientists have made "multi-purpose" portable solar power generator photovoltaic cells trying to improve the efficiency of the solar cell consists of several different semiconductor materials can absorb different wavelengths of light, only drawback is its high cost of production.
 Portable Solar Generators
Metal insulated insulating sandwich-like resonator is a top thick bottom thin, although the realization of a wide band pre-absorbed solar energy, but wherein the metal layer is formed of chromium and gold, solar powered portable generator is very low melting point of the resonator, a thin layer of material to promote the lower the temperature too fast. Phenomenon appears to reduce the melting point, the melting point refers to the resonator material to reduce proportionally with decreasing size of the material, the dielectric resonator standard metal layer is a metal melting at approximately 500 ℃, this property makes it difficult to apply to solar cells.

Tungsten and aluminum oxide film coating process using heat device is made, solar powered portable generator can capture a larger spectral range of sunlight. Their good heat resistance and thermal shock resistance, stable physical and chemical properties at high temperatures. "This trait makes it possible to maintain the structure at high temperatures without melting.

Metal dielectric resonator filter capable of absorbing ultraviolet to near-infrared region of the spectrum of light, the properties can be directly applied to different devices, such as thermal photo-electric solar thermal portable solar power generator systems and solar thermal systems, as well as generate a vapor pressure by collecting sunlight , thereby driving the generator solar tower power plants. This is currently the most efficient use of solar energy in a way, the transmitter and the absorber linked to the heat it generates can be used in solar cells - higher conversion efficiency when it is placed directly in the sun.

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