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Dark Could Energy Generator for Solar Cell ?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-13 10:48:15
Under dark environment as energy for solar powered portable generator. And common solar cell, the term for different photovoltaic cells, photovoltaic cells developed in Japan that the naked eye can be difficult to detect infrared light into electrical energy. Natural objects will emit infrared radiation, an infrared camera so you can clearly see the world in black matt night. If you can use these infrared radiation, the solar power portable generator output of photovoltaic cells can be seen by the human eye in the dark. Japan Research Institute hope this technology can be applied to special scenes, produce emergency lighting when the battery failure can also be used in the dark.
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Photovoltaic cells is the use of the photovoltaic effect of light radiation directly into electrical energy a technology. The full name of the photovoltaic effect photovoltaic effect, namely discovered in 1839. Metal semiconductor light irradiation electrons gain energy for portable solar power generator, high energy to a certain extent it will escape from the metal. The two can generate positive and negative electric potential of the semiconductor material close to the contact surface voltage is generated in the light conditions. With voltage, electrons can escape a current flowing between the contact surfaces. This is the basic principle of photovoltaic solar power portable generation. Wherein the energy of the electrons obtained depending on the received light frequency. The higher the frequency of light energy is greater conversion electronics. Electron energy is large, the power generation efficiency of photovoltaic cells also will be higher.

From red to purple band band, the wavelength of light is getting shorter, but more frequent. Ideal photovoltaic cells should be able to capture all the bands and all of the light energy into electricity, but the practical application of the lifePo4 batteries can only be a short wavelength light optimization, few colors absorb light efficiently. If the lifePo4 batteries are designed to lower energy only in the red, infrared light have a good conversion rate, the other will be a waste of high-energy radiation bands, decrease in power generation efficiency of the system. So most of the photovoltaic cells are optimized for the far-infrared band, naturally it is difficult to generate electricity in the dark, only the infrared radiation of objects in the scene.

The Japan Research Institute is inventive technology developed specifically for the dark, low-light scenes developed photovoltaic cells. Since the infrared light energy is low, the lifePo4 batteries output power density is very low, under normal lighting conditions far better than the average solar power system. But in the dark room, this battery can use infrared radiation into electricity long light low power consumption LED bulbs, which is huge in terms of disaster relief and other health significance. Such as earthquakes, floods and solar power portable generator, landslides and other serious disaster, the use of emergency lighting lifePo4 batteries are often only used for a short period of time. Trapped in the dark-dark room, in the trenches do not need batteries, lighting equipment can also continue to work, in which case the infrared photovoltaic cells can show their talents.
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In order to facilitate the practical application and reduce costs, the Japanese developed the lifePo4 batteries also uses a dye-sensitized manufacturing technology. The most common solar panels are silicon solar panels, high power generation efficiency, but costly, bulky shape, it is difficult to make complex morphology. Dye-sensitized solar cells using dye spraying of manufacturing a lifePo4 batteries technology, compared with the low cost silicon cells and free-form, can be integrated with a variety of surface materials, photovoltaic cell is a rising star. Just too bad the stability of the dye-sensitized cell stage, the use of a certain time at a high intensity light will fail, it is still difficult to practical use. But the Japanese developed this infrared photovoltaic cells originally designed for the dark scenes, so it will be as an energy for portable solar power generator in future,and unlike most silicon cells that requires many years of work time, precisely to avoid the disadvantages of dye-sensitized technology.
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