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Cylindrical Dye Sensitized Solar Cells

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-09 15:05:44
Since the implementation of solar energy in Japan in 2012 fixed-price acquisition system, Japan's solar cell import volume increased significantly. Previously, solar power batteries were mainly installed on the roofs of residential buildings. Recently, there were more and more examples of solar cells installed on large areas such as megawatt-class photovoltaic power plants. Although the solar power batteries set up a way to change, but there has not changed. For example, the solar cell is still flat.

The shape of solar power batteries into a cylindrical shape, improve the degree of freedom of solar cell set, which is the development of dye-sensitized solar cells Kyushu Institute of Technology, Graduate School of Life Sciences, Professor Sekisei put forward. This battery can be set vertically, can rational use of space. From the future power supply situation, the need to increase renewable energy, especially the use of solar cells. In a solar cell using an inorganic semiconductor such as silicon (Si), it is necessary to perform crystal growth at a high temperature, and a vacuum apparatus or the like is used. Therefore, the manufacturing cost is inevitably increased. So it is difficult in all places are universal solar power batteries. In order to achieve popularity, a solar cell having a low cost and high conversion efficiency is required.
The dye-sensitized solar cell is characterized in that it can be manufactured by the coating process, and the manufacturing cost can be reduced. Material costs are likely to be reduced, and is expected to achieve high conversion efficiency. My research team has two research lines. First, the development of new materials to improve dye-sensitized solar cell conversion efficiency. The second is to explore the use of dye-sensitized solar cells in the best shape. Cylindrical dye-sensitized solar cells were developed under the second research guideline. This low cost cylindrical dye-sensitized batteries is very suitable for portable solar power generator .

To expand the application of dye-sensitized solar power batteries, my focus is the solar cell packaging structure. The production of dye-sensitized solar cells at a low temperature by the coating process is expected to lower the manufacturing cost, but the stability of the material is problematic. Since it is manufactured by the coating method, the material is first dissolved in the liquid. Coatings made from such materials tend to be less resistant to water and oxygen, leading to deterioration in the performance of dye-sensitized solar cells. Therefore, it is important to prevent water and oxygen from entering the package within the solar cell. Although there are several packaging methods, but if the use of previous measures, dye-sensitized solar cell manufacturing costs will rise, which is a difficult point. I have developed a cylindrical dye-sensitized solar cell as a simple and low-cost method of preventing water and oxygen from entering.So we could use this solar power generator when rain.

Cylindrical plane only two ends of the cylinder. The planar area of the solar cell is substantially reduced as compared with the conventional flat plate type. It is possible to reduce the water and oxygen from the plane into the source of the solar cell, so that it is not easily deteriorated. Consider the packaging method to a large extent, refer to the fluorescent lamp. Fluorescent lamps use glass tubes and metal materials such as 12v inverter head high-power Dianliao, with a very low cost to achieve the internal seal. Moreover, fluorescent lamps are mass-produced. Can be described as a dye-sensitized solar cell reference choice.
The advantage of the cylindrical type is that the amount of solar power generation system hardly changes with the incident angle of light. From sunrise to sunset, the sun a great change in the location of the day, so the sun will reach the ground angle of Jinzhou, Liaoning solar photovoltaic panel price changes. The conversion efficiency of a conventional flat type solar cell varies greatly depending on the incident angle of the sunlight. The plane type produces a higher amount of energy than the cylindrical one for the vertical direction, but the amount of electricity generated is significantly lower than that of the cylindrical one as the angle of incidence of the sunlight deviates from the vertical direction. Therefore, the total power generation from the day of view, the cylindrical type is higher than the plane type. In the month of September, it is estimated that the total capacity of cylindrical batteries in the day is 1.3 times that of the plate type.

Cylindrical and flat-type comparison is based on the level of solar power batteries for solar powered portable generator set this common setting method as the prerequisite. Recently, an example has been described in which a solar power batteries are installed on a vertical surface such as a wall. When solar panels are installed on a vertical surface, the difference between the total power output of the cylindrical type and the flat type one day will increase.

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