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Crystalline Silicon Solar Power Batteries

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 17:37:45
From the photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar power batteries as on part of portable solar power generator, the current mainstream crystalline silicon solar batteries "has been approaching the theoretical limit." The theoretical conversion efficiency of crystalline solar power batteries is approximately 29%. Its biggest determinant is intrinsic crystalline silicon bandgap. Owing to the limited power of the wavelength of light, so efficiency will be curbed. To further improve efficiency, it requires the use of new materials or quantum effects and other new technology to replace crystalline silicon broaden the absorption range, breaking the theoretical limit of Si. The goal is to go beyond 40%. For new goals, development of solar power batteries are about to enter a new era.
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Around 2015 to Maximize Efficiency of 25% to 26%

Crystalline silicon solar power batteries conversion efficiency of the fastest limit will come around 2015. So we need storage batteries for soalr power portable generator .As a crystalline silicon solar battery formed with amorphous silicon layer list "HIT solar batteries," the exclusive manufacturer, Sanyo Electric in May 2009 to achieve a 23% conversion efficiency of cells in the study. It is the world's highest practical dimensions of 10cm square solar power batteries we could also use lifepo4 batteries. Accordin but it's price is very high to the prevailing view, the crystalline silicon solar cell conversion efficiency of about 29% of the theoretical, and practical maximum value of 25% to 26%. Thus, the distance between the highest value and only a small number of points has a long time.

The conversion efficiency of the remaining few percent improvement issues facing has made it clear, as long as the prior art will be able to take the time to expand steadily to achieve. Specific to enhance the rate is as follows: to reduce the impact of the shadow of the electrode is about 5% inhibition of the transparent conductive film and an amorphous silicon layer of light absorbing about 5% inhibition of amorphous and crystalline silicon interface defect induced carrier recombination several%. The highest practical value of these methods alone can be realized. Prior to this, it has also been used to improve the conversion efficiency of these methods to improve portable solar power generator. If you upgrade the present rate, then around 2015, the conversion efficiency of the laboratory will reach 25% to 26%.
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Revolutionary Solar Battery Development

The ultimate solar batteries look like? In NEDO's "innovative solar power technology research and development" program, three research teams competing to come up with more than 40% conversion efficiency for solar cell morphology research. Three were hoping to use quantum effects for solar powered portable generator and multi-junction concentrator device and use of new materials and the use of light management technology, developed highly efficient solar battery. The common denominator is to take advantage of a wide range of previously unusable wavelengths of light.

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