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Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell Manufacturing Process

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-28 16:16:15
Crystalline silicon solar power batteries (including monocrystalline silicon, polysilicon, silicon, silicon and other solar cells has always been the mainstream of commercial solar cells in 2005 accounted for 93.5% of global output, polycrystalline silicon solar cells since 1999 has been crystalline silicon Solar power battery mainstream products in 2005 accounted for 52.3% of global production, monocrystalline silicon solar cells accounted for 38.3% .Crystalline silicon, amorphous silicon cell production is an estimate, you can see the crystalline silicon material-based solar power batteries also Will be in the future for a long time to occupy an absolute dominant position.

Preparation of Silicon Materials

Silicon is the most widely distributed element in the crust, its content is 25.8%. But its main form is in the form of oxide, such as quartz sand. The preparation of silicon materials, mainly divided into: the preparation of high-purity polysilicon, growth of silicon, polycrystalline silicon ingots, silicon processing.

Preparation of High - purity Polycrystalline Silicon
solar cell manufacturing
As a high-purity polycrystalline silicon material for manufacturing solar power batteries, it is smelted into industrial silicon by carbon reduction. Industrial silicon and hydrogen or hydrogen chloride reaction, available silicon tetrachloride or trichlorosilane. After distillation and purification, and then reduced to silicon by reducing agent. In the reduction process, the deposition of tiny silicon particles to form a lot of nucle, and continue to grow, until the long rod-like polycrystalline.

Preparation of Single Crystal Ingot

Monocrystalline silicon ingot preparation there are two main methods: Czochralski method [CZ method] and the zone melting method (FZ method).If we could mprove solar cell conversion rate use for solar powered portable generator more effective for our services, more environmentally friendly.

Silicon wafer processing

Silicon wafer processing to go through the ingot cutting, spheronization, slicing, chamfering, grinding, chemical etching and polishing process, the final completion of the production of solar power batteries, the preparation of silicon wafers.

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