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Crystal Silicon Solar Cell Manufacturing Technology

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-28 16:29:52
Crystal silicon solar power batteries in the single crystal or polycrystalline silicon chip through the surface treatment, diffusion, printing sintering process, and ultimately can achieve photoelectric conversion of semiconductor devices. Currently the main crystalline silicon solar power battery preparation process is roughly the same, the process.

A wafer cleaning: the silicon surface may be contaminated impurities Silicon surface contamination may be roughly divided into three categories of impurities.
  • Oil, rosin, wax and other organic substances;
  • Metal, metal ions and various inorganic compounds;
  • Dust and other soluble substances.
Decontamination Effect of Several Common Chemical Cleaning Agents
Crystalline Silicon
Sulfuric acid, hot concentrated sulfuric acid on the organic matter has a strong dehydration carbonation. In addition to hot concentrated sulfuric acid can dissolve many active metals and their oxides, but also dissolve the inactive copper, and silver with the role of generating slightly soluble in water, silver sulfate, but not with the role of gold. Wang water, aqua regia has a strong oxidizing, corrosive and strong acid, mainly in the cleaning of its strong oxidizing. Alkaline and alkaline hydrogen peroxide solution alkaline hydrogen peroxide cleaning solution, by deionized water, content of 30% hydrogen peroxide and 25% concentration of concentrated ammonia mixed, the volume ratio of water: hydrogen peroxide : Ammonia water = 5: 1: 1 or 5: 2: 1; acidic hydrogen peroxide cleaning solution is composed of deionized water, 30% hydrogen peroxide and 37% concentrated hydrochloric acid in proportion to the mixture, the volume ratio of water: Hydrogen peroxide: hydrochloric acid  6: 1: 1 or 8: 2: 1.

The main purpose of chemical cleaning

The main purpose of chemical cleaning is to remove the surface contamination and damage layer. The wafers etch about 10 microns in each etch, which removes mechanical damage and contamination from the surface, exposing the intact silicon surface.

Acid corrosion, nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid mixture can play a very good corrosion, the resulting complex hexafluorosilicic acid dissolved in water, by adjusting the ratio of nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid, the solution temperature can be controlled corrosion Speed, such as the addition of acetic acid in the etching solution as a buffer, the silicon surface can be bright. General acidic etching solution for the nitric acid: hydrofluoric acid: acetic acid 5: 3: 3 or 5: 1: 1.

Alkaline etching method, silicon and sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide and other alkaline solution work, solar powered portable generator silicate and release hydrogen, alkali corrosion of the silicon surface although there is no acid corrosion bright flat, but made of the battery performance is exactly the same , At home and abroad in the application of silicon solar power battery production shows that alkaline etching solution due to low cost, less environmental pollution, is an ideal silicon surface etching solution, in addition to alkali corrosion can also be used for wafer thinning Technology, manufacturing thin silicon solar power batteries.

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