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Cosmic Solar Power Generation System Can Be Achieved?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-09 14:47:43
In order to make space solar power generation system has a power plant equivalent to 1GW 1GW solar power generator capacity, must be built in space and configure a few kilometers square, weighing tens of thousands of tons of giant solar panels and transmit antennas to form space solar power satellites.

In the universe to build a few kilometers square large structure

ISS has been assembled in orbit at about 400km altitude since 1998. Although it is a giant, it is only about 108m × 73m in size, about 1200m3 in volume and about 419t in weight. The space station is a large-scale manned spaceflight. Moreover, the space station's low earth orbit height is only about one percent of the geostationary orbit, and it is not difficult to imagine how difficult it is to deploy large-scale space-based solar power satellites.
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The International Space Station (ISS), through its 40-launch launch, carried a large number of components to space and was slowly assembled on the orbit by the astronauts by manipulating the arms and conducting extravehicular activities. The space solar power generation satellites must be in the geostationary orbit to build a number of square kilometers to reach the solar panels and launch of photovoltaic panels per square meter price line. Such a project simply can not rely solely on artificial. As a result, we are developing assembly devices and unmanned assembly technologies that rely on robots. JAXA's current goal is to develop a 100m-scale structure of the unmanned assembly technology. From the beginning of 2010, the focus of R & D on the expansion truss assembly technology.Now we could use solar power generator in many areas

This technique is a truss structure which is folded in a launcher, and automatically assembled and assembled in a track by using a special assembling apparatus, and the flat plate structure is assembled unmanned. Both the solar panel and the transmitting antenna will be placed on the structure. In the year of FY2012, JAXA has carried out the automatic development of the truss structure and the ground verification experiment of the combined function, and achieved good results. Today we could see many people take portable solar power generator for camping or as emergency power supply.

However, there are many problems to be solved in the future, such as shape maintenance, attitude and track control, heat distortion compensation and so on. Space Unmanned assembly of large-scale cosmic structures is an unprecedented technology that is very challenging. As long as the mastered the technology, will be able to significantly expand the possibility of space missions, we feel in the study of a great sense of accomplishment, here, the eyes of shining on the soil well light.
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Transporting a large number of components into space requires multiple launches. In the past, a one-time rocket was not only time-consuming, but also costly. Space solar power generation system to a certain extent, to meet the needs of world-scale energy needs to launch hundreds of space solar power generation satellites. Even if the manufacturing speed, 1 year manufacturing 1, but 1 year must transport the components up to tens of thousands of tons. This requires the use of reusable large space transport aircraft.

As mentioned earlier, the realization of space solar power generation system is estimated to take quite a long time. Therefore, in order to get the R & D results back to the society, we have studied the splitting tasks of the technology from the earlier stage, simultaneously in the synchronous research can be put into practical application of small-scale practical tasks and the basic conversion rate of photovoltaic panels. In the development of solar powered portable generator system in the process of the basic technology can also be applied to other areas. For example, the use of microwave and laser wireless energy transmission technology, if applied to inter-ground transmission, may be able to replace part of the power supply cable inverter capacitor play a role. While the large-scale structure assembly technology is estimated to be the driving force for future development of the universe.
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