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Converting Soalr Power Into Electricity

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-21 09:12:28
Large-scale use of solar energy, solar power generation is mainly used to generate electricity, there are two ways, one is a hot one light electricity conversion mode, the other is a light electric direct conversion.

Koichi thermo-electricity conversion mode: is the use of thermal  solar power generation solar radiation, usually converted by the solar collectors to heat absorbed by a refrigerant vapor, and then drive steam turbine solar power generator before a process is light a thermal conversion process. after a process is a thermal electric conversion process, and the thermal power P M of the same disadvantages of solar thermal power is inefficient and costly, it is estimated that the investment of at least 5 to 10 times more expensive than the average thermal power station. of a 1000MW solar thermal power plants need to invest 20-25 million US dollars, the average investment was $ 2000~2500 IkW therefore, can only hold a small scale used in special occasions, and large-scale use in the economy is very uneconomical, not ordinary the thermal power station or nuclear power plants to compete.
Converting Soalr Power Into Electricity
Koichi electricity direct conversion: The basic principle is the use of the photoelectric effect, the solar radiation directly into electrical energy Basic search means a light-electric conversion is currently used solar cells are silicon solar cells, its high conversion efficiency, in general. up (10-15)%, a few up to 20% of solar cells using a simple, easy to maintain, and even can be done unattended, such as on artificial earth satellite; in addition, its wide range of output power can be obtained from children until mW if T kilowatts. it applies to electronic instruments, many aspects of photoelectric signal devices, unmanned relay station, alpine weather stations, pipelines cathodic protection, in particular, can be scattered in remote areas, mountains, deserts, island and rural use, in order to save the cost of expensive transmission lines. However, at this stage, its cost is still high, issued lkW power need to invest thousands of dollars, so the large-scale use is still subject to restrictions of economic nature.

But in the long run, with the invention, improved solar cell manufacturing technology and new photovoltaic device, it will continue to use solar radiation more practical approach may open up a vast scale use of solar energy for the human future Prospects to unaffected by day and night, season and weather conditions and other factors, while Gao Feng continued efficiency power supply, the use of solar station is space - a rich scientific creative development plan its main idea is to synchronize Hui establishment of an area of tens of square kilometers of solar panels on the space station orbiting satellites, the collected solar radiation is converted into electrical energy using a microwave generator to convert electrical energy into microwaves transmitted back to Earth by a huge antenna array to ground stations receiving, then microwave energy into electrical energy. US space originally planned launch of several solar power plants in this century, single-seat power up IX 104MW. as can test is successful, the solar radiation can be used on a large scale it is bound to become the future the main energy of the world, to improve the situation of human energy use is currently fundamentally.

Our situation on the continent roughly solar energy resource distribution are: west than the east, the north and south mostly less than or in addition to Tibet and Xinjiang, low latitude regions but less than the high latitude regions mainly due to the climate. the resulting effect because of the southeastern coastal areas, mainly affected by the damp maritime climate, cloud amount, more rain, so that the received solar radiation on the ground a corresponding reduction in the total set while in western China due to drought results continental climate impacts, more sunny days and less rainfall, and therefore receives the sun on the ground, Series total annual emission is relatively large.

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