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Convenience of LifePo4 Storage Battery Solar Powered Protable Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-22 14:23:02
If you like the outdoors hiking or doing business, and our phone locator not the case of electricity, solar powered protable generator can give us power, let us complete peace of mind to play or work outdoors. We can in the daytime when the sun good light, portable solar power generator is fully charged, can be used at any time to use the need to use, very convenient.
battery for solar energy storage

Solar powered protable generator is through the use of a tool to convert the sun's energy to provide to the mobile phone, PSP, IPAD and other electronic equipment electrical energy; solar panels used in high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon films; it built a high capacity rechargeable lithium polymer battery; if in the long rainy, house, tunnel construction that is not the case of the sun, can give rechargeable lithium battery from the mains.

After the built-in battery is full, it can be used as backup power to other digital equipment charge. Charging cable solar powered protable generator and other digital devices can be connected to be charged. portable solar power generator can be used for travel, environmental outdoor sports, travel, camping and field operations, such as backup power.

best batteries for solar power storage
If you get lost in the wild, while the GPS and cell phone battery are exhausted, then the solar powered portable generator can charge your electronic devices, allowing you to return safely. Ultraviolet solar charger can be converted into 12V power, and for mobile phones, GPS receivers, handheld lights and radio equipment, and other portable electronic devices. Solar charger will power stored in the internal rechargeable battery. You can charge during the day, at night, it is used to charge electronic devices. Most portable solar power generator are lightweight and easy to carry, waterproof, and can normally be used in low to moderate light.

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