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Constitute Outdoor Portable Solar Power Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-22 14:20:31
In addition to solar modules continue to provide electricity, the rest of the main components of the portable solar power generator are: solar charge controller, batteries, inverter, cabinet and structural parts.

(1) Solar Panel: Solar panels of solar powered portable generator is the central nervous system, solar powered protable generator is the most expensive component, the role of solar energy into electrical energy, or stored in batteries, to prepare for contingencies. Quality solar panels directly affect the performance of the whole system.

(2) Solar Controller: Solar controller's role in regulating the overall solar powered protable generator performance, battery overcharge or over-discharge protection. When the temperature difference between the relatively large areas, and by properly adjusting the temperature controller, allowing play to the best performance of the system status, other additional features such as light control switch, when the switch should be the controller options.
(3) LifePo4 batteries: its role is when there is light in the portable solar power generator module confessed energy stored up, and then released when needed.

(4) Inverter: a current generated by solar cells into DC charging within the solar battery storage. The inverter then converts DC to 220V AC, for all kinds of load. Special note is that, under normal circumstances the inverter must be connected to the battery and use, if the direct connection of the portable solar power generator, the sunlight due to the instability in the environment does not work.

(5) Housing and other structural parts: the main place to place more devices, depending on the product, different box sizes. Meanwhile, according to differences in product features, there may be a DC output, a porous strip of different structures powered by solar powered protable generator.

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