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Connection and Assembly of Components

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-30 11:27:27
Lifepo4 batteries are fully loaded factory, we must pay attention to the insulation cover on the pole cover, to prevent short circuit. The combination should be placed in low temperature, dry, avoid sun exposure, no corrosion and no organic solvents indoors.Lifepo4 Batteries storage period of up to 12 months. Batteries exceeding the storage period shall not be put into the market.

The principle of connection and assembly of components is: installation site conditions (such as ventilation and sunshine>, floor load, battery size, positive and negative lead wire bus location, component series and parallel with the wire length, and easy maintenance factor.

VRLA battery has two kinds of high and low-shaped design, high-shaped design using horizontal placement, to promote high-capacity high-lying lying combination, because the current floor load by 400-600kg / m2 design should consider floor load. In addition, from the technical requirements, the majority of VRLA batteries as a separator material, due to the gravity of the role of sulfuric acid electrolyte, the general height of the AGM elbow to absorb the electrolyte is less than 330mm, height of more than 400mm battery recommended horizontal installation. Height less than 4000mm battery optional vertical or horizontal installation can be.

According to the standard combination of more than 100Ah high-capacity lifepo4 battery, enabling 1 hour rate of high-current discharge pole root measured voltage should be less than 10mV, the connection line voltage drop to a minimum. To this end, should be followed after the first series and parallel multi-string and less stringent method.

As the battery voltage is high, the use of insulated tools in the loading and unloading of conductive bushes, wearing insulated gloves, while handling the installation of components, use manufacturers to provide special harnesses to ensure equipment and personal safety.
lifepo4 battery pack
In accordance with the manufacturers to provide system installation diagram, the lifepo4 battery pack arrangement and fixed, and then install the schematic diagram for the series, parallel connection. Copper feeders lead to the DC distribution screen, must also be large-area copper feeders, positive (negative power supply) terminal lead to the ground bus.

In the case of a + 24V system, a large cross-sectional area copper feed line must be used to lead the ground bus from the negative terminal. Battery pack installation should perform a recovery charge and discharge cycle, through the detection of single battery charging or discharging process of the terminal voltage, temperature and power changes to understand the battery performance. By observing the lifepo4 battery shell outside the column, the safety valve, etc. whether there is electrolyte leakage, as well as whether the lifepo4 battery shell bulging deformation, early detection of substandard batteries.

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