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Concentrated Solar Power Modules

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-26 16:09:23
The concentrating solar power generation system works under the focused sunlight, and the research work in this area has recently made great progress in the United States, which is divided into lens type and mirror type.

Lens type

The large-area convex lens necessary for this light uses a fresnel lens, which is formed by connecting the divided convex lens surfaces together. The Fresnel lens is formed by circular and linear shapes, examples of linear Fresnel lenses, The light is focused on a solar cell configured as a dot or a line. Solar cells in addition to single crystal Sui solar cells, the conversion efficiency is often a high gallium arsenide solar cells in round Fresnel lens, condenser ratio of 500-1000 times the point of focus, monocrystalline silicon Solar power battery conversion efficiency of 15-17%, gallium arsenide solar cells up to 18-20%.

Mirror type

There are two forms of mirror-type, one is the use of parabolic mirror, the solar cell is on its focus, the other is the bottom of the solar cell placed on the side and with boring mirror.Trough the parabolic mirror form is more common.
other methods

Fluorescent condensed plate solar cells, is the absorption of sunlight through the fluorescent plate into fluorescence, fluorescence in the fluorescent plate spread, the final wave gathered in the end of the sun placed winding. Now, this type of fluorescent condensing plate type solar cell has been able to achieve an area of 1M2, the efficiency of 1% of the area of 1600M2, the efficiency of 2.5%, In addition, in this way, the wavelength of the partition of the incandescent condenser plate sun Batteries, the key issue is to reduce the price of fluorescent panels to improve the luminous efficiency, and improve reliability and so on.

Light and heat hybrid module is to make more effective use of solar energy, so that the sun is both portable solar power generator and fever of the device, this hybrid components are concentrating light and heat hybrid components, and the condenser type of light and heat hybrid components.

A light-type light-heat hybrid module, on the back side of the concentrating type solar cell, enters the heat collection through a heat conducting medium. New Energy Development Agency commissioned by the research system can do 5kw of electrical output, 25KW heat output.

The heat collector type solar-thermal hybrid module generates electricity by connecting a solar cell to a heat collector plate of a heat collector, and a hybrid module of an amorphous silicon solar cell is formed on a heat collector plate of a vacuum glass tube type heat accumulator . Amorphous silicon solar vapors, because in the visible range, the absorption coefficient is very large, and in the infrared range of reflection coefficient, it also plays a good choice of the role of the absorption film.A amorphous silicon solar cells are sealed in a vacuum glass tube, So do not encapsulate, the solar energy conversion efficiency as high as 58% of the total (energy conversion 5%, heat conversion 53%), to reduce costs is very good.
The structure and the performance of the solar battery module for the people's livelihood such as a calculator, a watch, a radio, a charger, and a solar battery module for a portable solar power generator system have been described above, and furthermore, Type solar cell module is also described in which a particular component structure and device: it can be more effective hair thrown amorphous silicon solar cell characteristics.

The shape and specifications of the solar power generation are very different depending on the type, size and characteristics of the solar cell according to the purpose and purpose of the solar cell, so that in the future, with the expansion of the solar cell, new types of solar cells will be produced Components, and at the same time if the solar cell unit size and characteristics of the increase, also will be issued for its structure of the new components.

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