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Common Problem Installation a Distributed Solar Power Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-22 14:55:06
How to determine their own roof is suitable for the installation of distributed PV?

The advantages of distributed PV are well known. But because of its specificity, is not home to the roof are suitable for the installation of distributed PV. For non-villa owners, if you want to install distributed PV, you need to get the consent of the entire residents and the consent of the neighborhood. For the villa owners need to determine the only distributed photovoltaic orientation and arrangement. Distributed PV is the solar panels through the solar energy storage batteries into electrical energy, so the situation is critical for the sun, the roof south of the most suitable installation of distributed photovoltaic. Secondly, the roof is not the best before and after the block, so will not affect the sun exposure. Finally, the roof is best to have a large area can be installed solar panels, can maximize the power.
Distributed Solar Power Generation
How to choose the price of distributed PV?

Distributed in recent years, popular PV, so that the owners of this energy-saving green energy is very popular. But because of the photovoltaic industry, the quality of service providers are not level, so that some low-quality renovation team take advantage of. Low-cost distributed PV price, and sometimes blinded the owner's eyes. That for the installation of distributed PV price, how to choose?

This is especially true for distributed PV, from the initial layout design to the subsequent installation, which affects the service life and solar power generator of distributed PV in the next 20-25 years. Distributed PV is not a simple way to install free home appliances, but the need for professional PV system commercial professional technology for each household tailored to their own dedicated PV power plant. Therefore, please do not because of some low-cost small profits caused by future losses.

How to apply to the grid company for distributed photovoltaic power generation system access?

Many owners for the installation of distributed PV how the grid at a loss. In fact, the photovoltaic grid-connected procedures are not complicated, professional PV system will help you solve these problems. Then we look at the application process and network procedures it!
Distributed Solar Power Generator
Distributed project owners in the preparation of relevant information to the grid company to the city or county customer service center to submit an access application, the customer service center to assist the project owner to complete the access application form, access to the application after the acceptance of the grid company commitment time limit, The customer service center will notify the project owner to confirm the access system program, after the completion of the project owners to the customer service center and acceptance and commissioning of the grid application, the power grid enterprises will complete the installation of energy metering devices, purchase and sale of electricity contracts and scheduling agreement signed, And commissioning work, after the project can be grid-connected power generation.

Distributed photovoltaic power generation subsidies through what means to the owners?

As one of the distributed PV benefits, how to pay subsidies has always been one of the most concerned about the owners. At present, the distribution of photovoltaic commonly used spontaneous use, more than electricity online mode. The amount of electricity generated by the photovoltaic system, the amount of excess photovoltaic power is measured by the grid enterprise, statistics, solar power generator system can be all the national electricity subsidies, grid enterprises according to the measurement of photovoltaic power in accordance with the provisions of the state subsidies Cycle to transfer state subsidies.
Distributed Solar Power station
So, as long as the owners sit on a regular basis, such as solar power generation subsidies into the account you have reserved.

What is the useful life and power generation of distributed PV?

At present, the non-storage energy storage distributed PV, the service life of 20 years - 25 years. As for the amount of electricity generated, the amount of electricity generated according to the local solar energy resources, roof installed capacity and the local weather conditions may be integrated, so there is no standard power generation data standards to Shanghai, for example, per kilowatt installed capacity of electricity 1200 degrees, so Shanghai villa 5 kilowatts of installed capacity of about a year can be issued 6000 kWh.

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